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  1. Yup, not a good idea... Here is what happened... They got a big fine! New shark rules take big bite out of anglers' wallets | The News Journal | delawareonline.com
  2. Thanks Finaddict! Good advice. I usually make it down more in the summer but not so much the spring and fall. I will have to try harder at this. I was out Sat and Sun. Caught a bunch of spot, a few king fish, and 2 skate. There were also numerous schools of fish swimming South along the shore. I kayak out to them to try to see what they were but couldn't make them out. All I could see is that they had a small yellow fin sticking up above the water. The schools were enormous with probably thousands of fish in each. Anything big after these guys? Dolphin?
  3. I am very happy to hear that they are checking! I actually was asked to stop before entering the beach down in FI on Sunday. They ask for all the right stuff and we made our way on no problem. I am sure others had a little more trouble.
  4. Hi Finaddict, I notice often that people say they are catching Stripers in the surf. I have been fishing the <acronym title="Delaware"><acronym title="Delaware">DE</acronym></acronym> surf for a long time down at Fenwick Island and never seen anyone pull in a striper. Is this due to location? Is there an ideal location/time/bait/rig to catch these guys? Down were I fish I usually get spot, blue, kingfish, occasional flounder, and shark. Also what exactly is a T&B rig? Thanks!
  5. I agree about the "actively fishing" signs. I think it is a joke as well. We pay the money for the pass, support local bait shops, and enjoy a hobby we love. Then we get to the beach and people throw in a line with just a weight on it. I always see the patrol guys going up and down the shore but they don't do anything... Is it really all about making money and keeping tourists happy? Maybe we should try to remedy this problem as well...
  6. Went out this past weekend. Caught several blue fish about 14 inches with mullet and cut spot. Caught a bunch of spot and one skate. Kayak out about 200 yards with some bunker and landed a 5ft Dusky (at least I think).
  7. Those are great looking fish! You said you used clam. How exactly do you bait that up and with what rig? Where did you get the bait? Can you eat those? Thanks!
  8. Went out yesterday to Fenwick Island surf. Started about 1pm and went to about 4:30. No bites for the whole time except for one hit on mullet around 4pm. Had one pole with bunker but no luck. Caught one blue (14") about 4:30pm on a king fish rig with squid. Hopefully better fishing soon!
  9. I took a little advice from another post, (I think ben23), and kayaked out with my bait about 100yrds and dropped my mullet rig with a mullet on it. I went out about 9am 8/5 and within 30mins I had a hit but lost the fish. I took the bait out again soon enough another hit and I was able to land a 3ft shark (not sure what kind). Just about an half hour later I landed another 3ft shark. It was very exciting to pull that thing in. I've never caught anything that large from the surf before. I think I need some bigger hooks and maybe some more line to take it out even farther to get some bigger sharks (possibly chum the water next time!). However, it was an excellent day with some great fishing. In addition to the two big sharks, we caught some smaller sand sharks, skate, and a couple king fish. I hope you like the pictures.
  10. Hi all. Went fishing off the surf 7/20 about 10:30am to 3:30pm. Over the span caught about 6 baby sand sharks, 4-5 skate, a couple small spot (5"-6"), 3 kingfish about 11", and a stingray (atleast I think because that thing was massive about 3' wide and 4 feet long). Used mainly blood worms on kingfish rigs along with some squid. Most fish were biting the blood worms and a few hits on the squid. No hits on the mullet. Overall good day with some action picking up towards 3:30 when I left.