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  1. yeah i caught them on a white bucktail 1/2 ounce with 2ft of 50# leader and a 2 ounce inline sinker. THe fish were holding extremely deep!
  2. thanks for the help! went on thursday! Caught about 10 blues upto 2.5 lbs. Hooked a trout never caught him . Also hooked the biggest skate of my life. Had a blast.
  3. Large Mullet about 14 inches. or bluefish head
  4. WOW. I didn't know cobia came this far north. Great and rare catch. CONGRATS
  5. Thanks for the info, I can't wait togo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This is a little off topic but does anyone know what the scoop is on the inlet? I am heading down next thursday and was wondering if the blues were running yet. any info would be helpful. Tight Lines
  7. that's a good rig. coop try the medium clams or half of the large one it gives off more scent that way.
  8. great pics guys, how do those drums fight? :mrgreen:
  9. Is this no fire, no grill law just for this weekend? I hope not it's always nice to have a fire on the beach at night while fishing.