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  1. Def agree with that. Sorry to say i cant wait for the first angler to get bit and sue the state for putting him in danger. They overstepped their bounds here with that rule. I can see outlawing yaking in from March-October, but putting people in danger is just delaware at its finest
  2. New shark rules bite one angler | The News Journal | delawareonline.com
  3. Yep. It's like advertising against Surf Fishing. I'm curious what the penalty/fine is. Heck, back in teh 80s you used to find sand sharks all over the beach because the fishermen got tired of catching the same shark 10 times in a row, and they'd just beach them. Took years for the sharks to build back up again.
  4. Reader photos: Shark caught at Cape Henlopen State Park | The News Journal | delawareonline.com Probably not the best idea to submit your photo to the News Journal
  5. Gene is a heck of a guy, he's the mayor of the beach
  6. Got a late start sunday at 2pm, blanked on anything. Positives were the wind shifted when we got on to a sea breeze, up until 430 when a wicked land breeze took over and the flies were too bad. Luckily i just got air'd up before that big storm hit
  7. Spot were out of control this weekend on FISP, caught 30 between saturday and sunday, and 2 kingfish.
  8. yeah, thats normally the best we can muster outside if just standing in the water the whole time. I'm used to it since i've seen landbreezes and the flys since i was a kid, but my wife bugs out, and our dog goes insane. Weather forecasts like this make me wish i still had my boat.
  9. They suck, we always get overrun with black flys. Anyone have any ways that you can avoid them when the West wind is hitting? The weather forecast this weekend is saying west winds both saturday and sunday
  10. Fishbytes are hit or miss. They work well for me with smaller fish(Croakers/Kings) when i use the bloodworms. I caught some funky Eel off the Clam fishbyte, and the squid seems to only get me the occasional trout, and mostly skates. But if its a day when we get down to the beach at 2pm on a friday and i dont want to dip into my frozen stuff until the following day, it works just fine.
  11. I should say i did the same, i use my small rod, and throw it just past the breakers.
  12. i'm not morty, but i have luck with a top/bottom rig using alternative bloodworms(fishbites). Usually i just stop in Hook'em Cook'em and pickup one of the rigs that has a yellow floater and a red floater, not sure of the hook size, but its perfect for kings. I really should have kept the one king i brought in Sunday, fattest one ive had so far this season.
  13. Bull sharks are what caused the panic in 1912 or whenever it was that inspired JAWS.
  14. FISP was hit or miss, guys next to me were sharking but got nothign all day. I pulled in 2 kings a day, off fishbites bloodworm. Kingfish were hitting right past the some of the early breakers, i was using my small pole to fish for them. Guy next to me friday said he had gotten a few Blues, and brought in a 40lb cownose ray when we were there. Amazing weather, and nice to see the beach clear out a bit yesterday.
  15. Report: Fishing law enforcers used fines to buy luxury boat, vehicles without oversight