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  1. Hey Sam ...please allow me to do some additional edits on this post and how can I purchase a AtlanticAnglers.com T-shirt?
  2. Will do
  3. I arrived to the Marshall Hall area on Saturday around 3:00pm. It was raining pretty steady but I was determined to search for some nice size yellow or white perch. A fellow angler mentioned that Marshall Hall area was popular for perch 9” and up. I had a dozen night crawlers, two 7’ Ugly Stik medium action rods a good rain suit. After three hours of solid fishing, I landed a nice 16” 6lbs large mouth bass and a few 9”/10” yellow and white perch (all were caught on night crawlers). It was well worth the trip after not catching anything at Haines Point and Waysons Corner for a few days.
  4. Will do...Steve.
  5. Thank you.
  6. After consulting my fellow Atlantic Angler member Andre, I decided to hit North Beach on Monday night. I have not been there in over 5 years. I arrived at North Beach at around 7:45pm. It was great to see that the pier was not crowded and I was able to secure the hot spot on the far right corner. I noticed that other anglers were landing some nice croakers, blues, trouts and spots. Immediately after my first few cast, I was able to pickup some spots on blood worms. As it got later at night, I picked up some nice croakers on blood worms and blues on cut spot. We lucked out, that night, because they did not closed the pier at 11:00pm, so we continued to fish until 3:00am in the morning. It was a very productive night at NB. I had a great time catching fish and conversing with other anglers. North Beach was certainly a great place for catching fish on Monday. Thanks Andre for suggesting the location.
  7. Thank you wdinarte. I believe the night crawlers has about the same action as the blood worms. These white was caught in fresh water.
  8. Visited Waysons Corner on 03-17-11. The tide was in and it was a beautiful day for fishing. The white perch was EVERYWHERE! When I got there at 3pm, most of my fellow anglers already had 15+ good size white perch in their bucket. Everyone was using bloodworms or night crawlers. The minute you cast your bait you had to hold your rod because they were hitting quickly. Alot of the white perch being caught was 10+ inches in size. I picked up 20 nice size perch myself. I vowed to go back on my next day off from work because Waysons seems to be on fire right now. Tight lines...
  9. Die hard fisherman...great report!!!
  10. Great catch and wonderful pictures Andre . I`m not surprised! keep up the great work on the water!
  11. Great pics Dre....I hope to make another turnament....CONGRATS!!! Donnie...hope to see you guys soon. Tight Lines...
  12. Great report and pics as usual....Dre...Hit me up..