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  1. " Well thought out; I myself have thought the same thing (though the University of Florida does report a few unprovoked attacks for Delaware--sadly, no location or species given)--an enormous amount of people are in the water and no attacks. Odds are certainly on the swimmers' side here. My original idea, though, was to get some anecdotal evidence from you guys who know more than most about what is swimming out there. When I hear stories about kayaks getting bumped, I'm curious as to what you folks have seen!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply--and I would like to hear anyone else's experience as well. I've been vacationing in OC for about 6 years now, and have always thought about this (though it hasn't stopped me from going in the water). I found your site a few years ago and recalled reading a few cryptic statements like "if the beach goers only knew" and "From a high rise balcony I saw a large tiger outside the breakers." I know what the "official" line is regrading this stuff ("Rare") but I wanted to hear what you guys on the beach had to say. I live in CT, and we have mountain lions up here. The state will not officially recognize them, but there are plenty of pieces of evidence to convince you that they are here. I wonder if the same is true about the presence of large sharks close to shore????? Food for thought . . . .
  3. Hi everyone! I enjoy reading all the shark fishing posts here, and found this thread from a few years ago. Wanted to see if in the past three years anyone has had any near-shore encounters with Bulls or Tigers:shock: