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  1. As always I am a day late and a dollar short. Nonetheless, wishing you the best of luck and hoping to stop in soon! Team Jack and Jill
  2. Doing nothing but tightening the noose around Del-Mar
  3. Is anyone palnning to attend any of the workshops? Was looking at the dates and was thinking of attending the one on Aug. 17th.
  4. Welcome Ernie. You've joined a great site with a lot of very friendly and knowledgeable people. Hope to see you on the beach sometime.
  5. Thanx ocsnapper. The same to you and your's and all of those friends I have made while out on the water as well as to all of those I have yet to meet.
  6. Nice fish Leemo!!!
  7. WTG! Nice lookin' fish!
  8. Sorry for the late report... <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island"><ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM></ACRONYM> <ACRONYM title=Virginia><ACRONYM title=Virginia>Va</ACRONYM></ACRONYM>. portion Fri. evening to Sun. evening Air temp: upper 50's to low 60's during the day Water temp: mid to upper 50's Seas: 2' - 4' Water: clear (a little grass here and there) Winds: SSW @ 10 - 15kts. Skys: sunny/clear until Sun. then cloudy and sprinkles in the morning Bait(s): fresh clam/fresh bunker on FF rigs 8/0 circles fishingirlpa and I got a late start on Fri. due to some errands and having to stop and get a new permit but managed to have the lines in the water by 4p.m. Fished until after 8 with not much to show but one skate. Sat. hit the beach early and fished hard all day without a bite. Wasn't until close to sundown that the skate started to hit. Called it a day around 8 with nothing to show for our efforts except the cooler was a little lighter. Sun. out early again and fished hard all day. Switched spots from where we fished Sat. and tried some deeper water. Didn't make much of a difference as we still couldn't connect with anything. Seems as if the fish haven't moved much further south just yet. Heard of three being caught over the wknd. but that was it. Depending on schedules, hoping to get back down a couple of more times within the next few weeks and try our luck again. No matter, it was till nice to get back down, relax, enjoy the beach,good company, and see some good friends at Steve's. Also, sorry to hear about the bait issue rattle. I have ran into that a couple fo times over the years from there. Best bet, other then HT, which has worked for me, was Kool Ice in Cambridge or make the drive to Steve's. I have always gotten fresh bait from both without issue. RFA #1053456E
  9. Dad

    Deepest sympathy Sam
  10. That's a nice fish!
  11. Thanks for the report! Chasing birds and crashing blues are always a lot of fun for me.
  12. MD. portion of AI Air temp: mid 70's Water temp: upper 60's to low 70's (just a guess, but it felt nice) Tide: Outgoing to incoming Seas: 1' - 2' Water: clear Baits: chunks/FBBW/clam/whole mullet Winds: light and variable Sky: sunny/bright North of the "Bullpen" Arrived late Friday afternoon/early evening. Loaded up on some bait, ate a good meal and turned in. Sat. Had the rods in the water by 7 to fish the outgoing (late I know). We located a small break in the bar and had set up shop there. One rod was on the North side of the break, one in the pocket, and another on the South side. Was not really any sort of bite throughout most of the day. fishingirlpa and I just chilled in the fantastic October weather we were having. The Hurricanes and mudslides were going down real easy. Surprisingly we only managed one small spot all day. It wasn't until the incoming towards dusk that things picked up for us and the snappers started to bite. We managed half a dozen for the smoker and released I don't know how many while watching the beautiful moon rising over the ocean. We called it a day around 8. Sun. Was pretty much the same as Sat. for us. This time we located another break in the bar a little further South and fished pretty much the same pattern as the day before. This time we managed to get on the outgoing bite and started to nail the snappers right away. After icing half a dozen or so we again chilled and enjoyed the great weather and beverages. As usual, the evening incoming bite picked up again, and again, we started to nail the snappers. The bigger rod, loaded for bear, was dutifully soaking when it got slammed. The clicker was screaming as line was peeling off. By the time the rod was removed from the holder there was nothing but slack in the line. Frantically reeling to try and get a set on whatever had picked up the chunk turned out to be fruitless. We have no idea what slammed the big rod, we'd been hoping for a red drum, but alas, it wasn't to be. By the time all of the slack was taken up the monster from the deep had spit the hook. The way line was peeled off one would have thought that the 5/0 circle had done its job. Not this time. We called it a day around 8 again. One has to see how beautiful the "Harvest moon" looks rising over the ocean to really appreciate it. No matter, we shared the perfect weekend at the beach and managed a few fish for the smoker. Maybe the bite will pick up this weekend!! BTW, heard there were close to, if not over, 600 entrants in this year's O.C. surf fishing competition. Congrats to the winners!