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  1. Who do you work for. I need to get a price on a spray shield enclosure for my new Carolina skiff.
  2. I know some guys that have had some luck out at fenwick sholes. They came in the other day with about 10 rock. All over 40 inches.
  3. Soft crabs for bait. Got tobe 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide and over cast. Lol sounds like alot but it makes a difference. Bottom fish up against the banks in about 7 to 10 feet of water. Single drop rigs. Don't waist the bait on a double drop.
  4. Caught this one a few days ago out in the mouth of the Wicomico
  5. Stripers are really hitting right now in the shallows (7-10 feet). My cousin, dad, and I were able to bag these guys today in about 3 hours. The bait was soft crabs. The place was Deal Island. Largest was 26 and half inches and smallest was 22 inches.
  6. Tog are really starting to pickup in oc. If you know the right spot you can catch a good meal in a short amount of time. Got my limit yesterday in about an hour. All 15 inches. If we can just get all the china men to stop keeping everything they pull from the water. These fish take to long to get this big. Throw the small ones back.
  7. Just so all the boys in blue know I didn't catch the fish of roaring point. But I did catch them in a spot about a half mile or so from it on my boat. Also im not sure where "rowing point" is but the legal limit where I caught mine is 18 with no more than one being over 28. I don't poach.
  8. My cousin and I caught our limit of Rock tonight in about 2 hours in a spot around Roaring Point on the Nanticoke.Biggest was 24" and the smallest was 21".
  9. Secret spot. Ive been sworn to secrecy by the locals, lol. They said they would sink my boat if I told anyone. You have to go out with me and ill show you. Yeah I called yours, pops, and the house phone.
  10. 15 inch Taug on sand fleas today in OC. Hey Sam, Tried to call you and Papaw to go out on the boat.
  11. Driffted the south side of 50 bridge on Thursday. Caught about 15 Flounder with only 1 keeper. The rest around 12-16 inches. Water in the AI bay is starting to clear up. Lots and lots of blues to steel your bait if your flounder fishing. Also catching some good size rock off of Deal island at south marsh and spring island.
  12. Just got back from OBX last week. Caught a mess of spot and brought them back for bait this fall. Been out on the boat a few times this week in OC. Caught alot of flounder still to small to keep and a few small blue around the bridge and rocks. Did notice we are catching more and bigger C-Bass than usual. All caught on blood worms and minnows. Been out in the sound off Deal island and been catching same large croakers(16-18 inches and fat). Also some rock at my secret spot...lol (18-24 inches)
  13. Crab and heavier Shrimp Flies ,Deep-diving flies like the Mrs. Simpson , And anything shinny for blues. Steel leader of course![h=3][/h]
  14. Tough going flounder fishing right now. Plenty of fish just not many keepers. Usual spots around the 50 bridge in OC all fished out. Plenty of 16- 17 inchers but still fun to catch.