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  1. Well I've got two 6' rods rated for 8-17lb line, and two medium sized open faced spinning reels. (Okuma Stratus ST-30) Will that work on the inlet? The house we are staying in has a peer to one of the inlets, I figured the things I already have will work there. Would my reel work on a big 8' rod for surf fishing?
  2. I am vacationing at ocean Isle in a few weeks and I love to fish, but I'm from Ohio and don't have much experience fishing in the ocean. I have done it once or twice and I love the idea of getting up early and doing some shore fishing. If someone could give me some pointers on what kind of gear I need, and what is good to fish for. I'm thinking about buying a cheep big watter rod and rigging it with some 12 lb test mono. Is this a good idea?