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  1. thanks sam, now get rid of this rain
  2. to whoever , i forgot who
  3. cobia and 1st king in 2yr yesterday
  4. this year there will be a fee just to ride on the beach, mite start in feb, check before you go. also lic to fish
  5. have been a few stripes at the bridge at the inlet and manns harbor also for those interested, a couple up to 35lb. 1 at manns harbor went 33lbs
  6. like matt said dont forget about a fishing license if you fish the beach, fish early/fish late, on the pier you can see what others do or dont do, but mostly have fun and be safe
  7. good time of year, look for drum north of carolla to nags head pier, NE winds, harder the better , piers mostly from kitty hawk to nags head as beach acc is limited and fishing will be better from piers. north of corolla will be best if beach fishing is what you want, just please stay away 50ft from any wild horse, fines will be given out to anybody who gets too close, new law this summer . also leave 30ft from your truck to the water as no roads up there and a rite-of way is needed from waters edge for those who live in carova, fire dept, ect, enforced also. if you fish up in the northern beaches take everything you will need as not much up there except in carolla, TWs in kitty hawk or nags head about best place to get bait. mullet, or bunker works well this time of year. please use hi vis line as other fishermen will like you a bunch, good fishin. check out before you visit, we live here.
  8. Its usually in the first of june to see fish off avon in the spring, Those two guys will be there next year for shure