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  1. Will do ...it's a pleasure fishing with you
  2. We were a cross from the ramp...on the east side
  3. I hit the Narrows last nite 7pm and manage to catch my limit by 10pm small fish 18 & 19 "I lost a much bigger fish just before landing..The east was giving them up The pic are other anglers catch 22-24" Poachers were out in force :angry4: [ATTACH]10014[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]10015[/ATTACH]
  4. Kmw and I hit the sand around 6:30....we start catching spots with our hand line within 10yds of the beach...the midsize blues blues started to show up at the height of hightide ....One guy did hit a very nice 3-4lbs blue...one guy did say he hit a small spotted seatrout 11" We left around 10:30with anglers still catching spots and blues
  5. I just caught a 16-18" blue.a another angler just hit a mid size blue while I'm typing ...pic to follow. I'm wrapping this trip up at 10pm
  6. Kmw just hit a 16 inch blue. Tide outgoing.another angler told me he hit a 11" spotted trout
  7. Kmw and I are hitting small to mid size blues on caught spot ...there's tons bait along the bank I wish I had my lure rod. 800pm
  8. More pics The kid working a peeler and it payed off big time .>>>>just couldn't turn it around
  9. Kmw and I hit plo ..looking for something different...the action was really slow Blues spots and croakers were caught will try again @ end of Aug Hight light was checking out a small pod of Dolphins working the water off the point The cooler shot is a another anglers catch
  10. I went out for afew hours ...I caught this lil 1lbs and missed another on the frog and one on jig .....I was surprise how clear the lake was ..I'll be back soon
  11. The spots are another angler's catch....the umbrella fight was the best action on the pier all day:icon_puke_l:....Like they say "you have to play to win "
  12. I hit the pier looking for some spanish macks and blues ....I didn't hit any macks heck neither did anyone else...small blues did show up...the action was so slooow I took some randon shot of others