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  1. Glad you had a good trip!
  2. Nice job Matt!!
  3. Went down to Hatteras to try for a cobe from Beach and Boat. Tried from the surf Fri and Sat and could not even give a bait away hardly. Sunday, hit the inshore waters fishing with Capt Kenny Wilson. The ocean was alive, bait balls everywhere. Saw 9 cobes, hooked 3, two pulled the hook but the one that didn't was my PB cobia at 70# even.
  4. I've done gulp and a strip of cut bait but not a gudgeon. Will have to try it, thanks!
  5. Mark, looking forward to it!!
  6. Went in search of flounder again today with almost the same results as last time. Nada on the Parkway except baby flounder biting the very end of my gulp tails off. Went to YT pier and tried jigging the pilons with no action. Guess its time to put the gulp up and start using live bait.
  7. True, or fish after dark!
  8. Rick Caton on the Free Agent is good, he is fishing out of Oden's Dock in Hatteras now I think. Custom Sound Fishing Charters on North Carolina's Outer Banks There are several good guides that fish out of Teach's Lair as well. Cape Hatteras Fishing Charters | Teach's Lair Marina
  9. Hit a couple of spots on the Parkway with lures today looking for flounder. Only a few bumps in 3 hours of tossing jigs. Decided to head down and try the pier in Yorktown. Big mistake, everybody and their brothers sister was trying to get to the beach. Rode around in circles for half an hour looking for a parking spot before saying screwit and called it a day.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Rory, with as expensive as these things are and the fact the ones I was using are my go to for striper I hesitate to do that. But will keep that in mind next time.
  11. Andrew, Sun I was fishing Indian Fields creek on the inside.
  12. Hit the Parkway in search of flatties, got there at dead low and fished the first hour and a half of incoming. Tossing a 1/4oz red jig head with 5" gulp. Lots of short strikes but I didn't have any smaller gulps. Finally got one that hit it agressively enough to get the hook and landed my first flounder of the year at 15". The next cast got bit off by one that felt a lot heavier. Two cast later bit off again, this one felt more like a blue tho. With my last two red jigs gone switched up to a chartreuse but only ended up with a foul hooked crab on that. No other bites so packed it up. Nothing too exciting but it beat doing yard work.