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  1. Toby nice meeting you...you are hard core. So glad to see you land the brown bomber, evan and i were pumped for the rest of the day, we sure are happy for you, nice job! congrats to everyone who caught the reds this weekend, i dont know how coleman does it but he is just too efficient only needs a couple hours to do what the rest of us cant get done in a weekend, way to go steve. glad to see sam getting his first red all in all a very good start to the fall. i have to remember to stick with my rule of not fishing within a mile of critter gitter as he hogs all the fish gary
  2. if you dont mind spending the money get two pair of breathable boot foot waders from either ll bean or orvis. they typically run about 160-200 each. they are lifetime warranty. when one pair starts to leak send it back for a new replacement and wear the other pair until it starts to leak. if you dont want to spend that kind of money look at the hodgeman streamlite or wadelite breathable. very good waders and very light boots. I know it seems like alot of money to spend $300-400 up front but you will always have a good pair of waders and never have to buy another pair if you go with bean or orvis. I spent probably thousands of dollars on waders the first 15 years of surf fishing and only spent 400 the last 5 years due to the lifetime warranty. gary
  3. I don't worry with a slight distance lost due to crosswind knot banging. It is going to happen if the wind is blowing. my advice...go with the strongest setup you can tie. there is great comfort in knowing you can throw the screws to anything that you bow up wth and your gear is going to hold up. that being said I tie a 15 turn bimini to a no name and then when i bow up i put it on the fish hard, i dont let them walk me up and down the beach unless there is a crowd. somebody has to take control might as well be the fisherman. see ya tuesday coop
  4. the 40 is very large. we do most of our drum and striper fishing with 20's sometimes 30's if we have to wade out then spike on the beach. We also use the 30's for cobia. you won't run out of line with the 30 unless tangling with very large shark or giant ray. I personally think the 40 is overkill in line capacity and underkill in the casting department but that is my opinion. as far as rods it depends on how much weight you want to throw and what for, most like the ticas as they are light weight and load very easily. the OC is a tad heavy but the beefy model will throw anything you want if you can load it. also the 6:1 on the smaller diawas is very powerful it doesnt feel weak like most high speed reels. again these are my opinions and if you want to catch very large sharks and rays the 40 may be the way to go. good luck, gary
  5. if it is a factory rod it is not spined anyway so it doesn't matter. just about every rod i build these days has two spines typically 180* apart but one is usually stronger than the other. my dad caught some nice 40+" stripers a few years ago on one of my conventional rods and his spinning reel. they casted nicely even with the smaller casting guides although when building spinning rods with small guides they start further from the reel. you should have no problem going the other way spinning rod with conventional reel. gary
  6. It will not be cheaper to build your own. retail blanks are 200-300 plus 50-100 for components then buying a wrapper, putting 8-15 hours at $???/hour and so on, don't fool yourself into thinking it will be cheaper. It may be more satisfying and more convenient but deffinately not cheaper. gary
  7. you won't be disappointed. that is the same rack i have on my truck. it seems big but am sure you can fill it up gary
  8. yes i still have it. did you get your rack from gene? he is first class and willing to go out of his way. send me an email or give me a call if you get a chance. gary
  9. If you want a power wrapper the Pacific Bay power wrapper is a nice machine fairly inexpensive. Flex Coat High Build finish is the easiest to start with. Larger rods are easier than smaller rods for starters but the blanks cost more. Flex coat 6rpm drying motor brushes, razor blades, good scissors, masking tape 1/16" and 1/2" for thread gudebrod NCP purple with silver underwrap would like very nice with that reel. I personally use different machine and finish but when i started this is what I used. just a few suggestions for a beginner to keep it simple and fun. hope this helps.
  10. Looks like a great time and some nice catches, wish i could have been there. Nice going guys and gals. gary
  11. if you don't need a level wind the Daiwa SHA 20 and SHA 30 are awesome. best surf reel around IMO. The last two 525's I had were junk, noisy, bad drags, too bad cause the 525 is an awesome reel. good luck, gary
  12. I use the foam practice golf balls, can get a box of them at dick's pretty cheap. the fit tight but you do need to poke them out from underneath unless you put a line throught them. gary
  13. PM sent I really don't think the best st. croix will match up with the wheeler or rainshadow blanks, however they do have a heavy heaver at 12'. gary
  14. here are a couple pics of the bail removed. gary
  15. Dave, I tried cutting the manual trip off on one reel, can't remember which one, and the bail still closed on me. I think it was a diawa, had to cut the bail off anyway. Maybe it is model specific or the motion of my cast...not sure. It is easier if you can retain the bail but you do get used to manually putting the line back on the roller. Gary