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  1. Hit Back Bay Refuge this morning @ 9am and the menhaden were thick on the surface. Tossed a 2 ounce sting silver to see if there were any blues underneath and snagged 3 bunker on 3casts. Put a head on my heavier and tossed it out figuring something would be in the middle of it all. Less than 5 minutes later this shark peeled a couple hundred yards off my reel and I was thinking Cobia! A family was walking the beach and the father helped reel in the other rod and held my heavier so I could grab this shark. Re-rigged and put out another head and Something bit my hook clean off a minute later. Re-rigged with an 8 inch wire leader and about 5 minutes later reel was screaming again! Second shark was 62"? Started catching a few blues on lures and then 1 more shark at 57" . Was a good morning! Been too long since I've been on that beach! Tried adding other photos but having issues.
  2. Hey Brian you always get the most amazing shots! Those are Houndfish your catching out on the flats. They come in every year round this time but this year they are just thick ! Lots of fun on top water but with mouths like that expect to lose some gear !
  3. Yup. More Little Skates. We just caught this Atlantic Stingray off the beach Friday evening. He hit about 8pm and took till about 9 to get him up on the beach. Had to weigh @80lbs and the barb on his tail was about 7". Took a few pictures and let him go.
  4. Clearnose Skates have only 2 clear sections on the nose. Little Skates, AKA Summer Skate or Common Skates have the 3 distinct clear sections and the rounded off wings. Clearnose are more common here in the Chesapeake bay but Little skates you see more further up the coast.
  5. Instead of paying the normal pier charge to fish the pier they ask that you bring a donation of none perishable foods equal to or greater than normal charge of 6-8 dollars between the hours of 9am and 2pm Saturday Nov. 7th and you will get the wrist band that gives you pier access until 6:00 am sunday morning ! This is the new Buckroe Pier facility that is very well built with covers, tables, fully handicap accessible and a great group running the pier. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help out come on down and just ask what you can do to help! There will be raffles for a Rod and Reel combo every hour from 9 to 2 and other great deals as well! Should be a fun day and everything goes to benefit the Food Bank! So come on down and enjoy a days fishing for a good cause !
  6. Hey Jack, That was me and Andrew K that were talking to you at Back Bay. We hit the beach at @ 6:30 am Saturday and the water was up in the dunes ! We actually had to set the pier cart in the dunes out of the water! High tide was about 7:30 am and after that it went out fast and far. Waves were pounding the beach early with heavy winds we figured it was going to be a good morning for Drum. 8 oz barely held bottom but we had no runs all day long. 5 rods out all day some in close and some as far as we could throw. We gave it another shot. Still payin dues. It was good to meet you. Good luck next time out !
  7. Hey Bob ! Welcome to the site ! Your knowledge and experience will only benefit the rest of us. We have yet to come up with something that you can not tie ! Good to see you on the board, hope to fish with you soon.
  8. Just got home from work ! heading down to join the " Crew" ! Low tide is 2:30am so we will catch the entire incoming tide , have time to come home , shower and then get to work from noon till 9 !!!
  9. I wound up going stir crazy at the house and me and Jeremy went down about 3:30 this afternoon. The surf was real rough and the winds were perfect out of the north at @ 30+ steady ! Took 3 casts with a sting silver and NO WEEDS !!!! We set up a few rods with 8 ounces and Spot Heads, Blue heads and cut spot . No problem holding with 8 oz. because there were no weeds grabbing the line. Only problem was there were no fish grabbing the line either !!! We stayed till around 7:30 and packed it up as we had to get off the beach. A couple small blues were eatin the baits but no runs .The trough dropped off real nice like about a 4'-5' drop off into the trough. Everything was perfect and if we could have stayed in Back Bay overnight I would still be there because all the conditions were right for the Drum to show! Andrew finally made it home about 1:00am and we were thinking about going back out but the winds have increased to about 40MPH and that might be a bit much. Maybe tomorrow !
  10. Hey Steve, Schedules changed again and I won't be able to make the class tomorrow at noon. Andrew just text saying they just cancelled his flight from Dallas to Norfolk cause the plane is broke !!! He started flying back from SD this morning. I can meet you in the morning to give you the Giveaway rods and signs I have. Will keep you posted on Andrew.

  11. Winds 15-20 and its been raining all night and they say all the way through morning :eusa_wall: Was hoping to get on the beach first thing but does not look to promising today . Going to hit the ponds near the house and maybe hit the beach this evening.
  12. Heading out to Back Bay Refuge before sunrise Friday to hit the beach and see if any Drum want to come out to play ! Have not had too many chances to get out and fish so Any pullage :fish::fish:will be welcomed as long as it winds up with something flopping on the beach !!! Have the usual buffet to offer with Mullet, Croaker, Spot, Bluefish, Shrimp, and even some nice chunks of tuna for the toothy ones ! Will post conditions when I come back in .