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  1. Went surf fishing yesterday just south of South Bethany by my house. Caught one ray that was about 80 lbs. Saw one guy catch a small stingray and a small kingfish. Pretty slow other than that. Winds were blowing about 10 knots out of the southeast. Where are the sharks? I went out sharking on my boat off of 3 R's twice last week. On tuesday we got 3 large dogfish, a flounder, a kingfish, a few rays, and more baby dogfish than we cared to haul in. Thursday brought only a few rays and more baby dogfish. Where are all of the sandbar, dusky, and sand tiger? Not warm enough yet?
  2. I have been chumming from the beach for about 3 years now. I yak a chum bucket out about a hundred yards or so with a rope, float, and anchor. One day last year I caught 7 big sharks and had a ton of other bites. But all of a sudden the action stopped. When I paddled out to check on the chum I found that the mesh bag that the chum was in was bitten in half and the chum was gone. I never shark fish from the beach without 1 or 2 - 1 gallon pales of chum anymore. It works for me.
  3. Hey everybody. Are there any regulations on how far from shore you must be to chum? I don't want to get any swimmers bitten, but i've done a lot of good shark fishing pretty close to the beach on my boat.
  4. Hey everyone. I live in bethany this summer and I go out shark fishing out of Indian River on my 20' Grady White. I always welcome company. It's nice to have some company and someone to split the bait and gas cost. Went out yesterday and caught and released 6 dogfish sharks. It's still pretty cold right now, but the sandbar, dusky, and other bigger sharks should start moving in soon. Send me an email if you'd like to come along.