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  1. Heading out in one week to Garden City!!! It has been a year and a half since we were down that way. We are looking forward to getting away and relaxing. Of course my surf rods and TFO 8wt will be ready and waiting. I'm sure the fishing hasn't hit full swing yet, but I'm wondering if anyone has caught fish lately? I'm watching the weather and hoping it warms up a bit so it turns up the bite. Let me know if you have heard anything. Thanks
  2. We are heading to Daytona to visit some family next week and on our way down we will hit the GA coast to fish and relax. Does anyone have any recomendations for surf fishing areas? I need to have easy access from the car since the wife and 2 young kids will be with me. I don't wany any honey holes, just some good areas for the family and the fish. Thanks for any help in advance. Send me a PM if you need to. -Ben
  3. :help:I was wondering who if any used Gulp baits when fishing in the surf? I personally haven't had much luck at all with them. The natural crab and shrimp on a double drop rig is how I've used them. Let me know if you guys have any other suggestions on how to fish them. I prefer fresh sand fleas or shrimp when they are available. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Heading to Daytona to watch my Brother in-law race. During the down time and after the family leaves I want to hit the beach for some fishing. I will be bringing my 8wt surf rod and my spin gear. Are there any places that you would recommend for surf fishing? I don't want your honey holes, just a good place to get a line wet and reel something in. I heard there was a jetty not too far that produced well, but the name escapes me. The race is July 3rd and we will probably stay a few days after the race for a small vacation. If anyone wants to meet up and fish I would be more than happy to supply the bait and beer. (Limit 5 fisherman please:)) Thanks for any advice you care to share.
  5. I just found this forum, and I am soooo Glad I did. It isn't easy to find a forum for Surf fishing. Hopefully I can get and give some advice on here and share(daydream) about getting back to the beach. Looking forward to learning!