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  1. Oh and coop that black drum is insane congrats man!
  2. How about this beast? 47in 33lbs off of the OC Fishing Pier.
  3. We got one rock last night at 36.5in I will post pics when I have time to
  4. Yea Sam every time I looked over they had one lol... Went out tonight and got 1 skate and a 40.5in rock... I will post pics later of the last few days... I believe bucks has bait, I know they had clams and peelers today and they said they had some bunker
  5. We caught 2 rocks yesterday a 31in and a 39in... Also got 2 little sandbars... Oh and the guys next to us caught around 13 keeper rockfish... In gonna go out on a limb and say the fish are here
  6. holy crap...i would break some ribs for that monster lol
  7. My dad headed out this morning around 7am. He caught this beauty around 730 on his first cast... The fish was caught off A.I. on a bunker chunk. It was 43in long and had a girth of 26in...
  8. Went out to the inlet with on of my friends and tore bluefish up!!!! 12-22in they were so thick we were catching 2 on a rattle trap at a time... Talked to another guy at the bridge who said he had 10 short rockfish at the last 30mins of high tide... Limited out on blues no rock though
  9. Lol coop I saw you leaving the beach today... Water looked real fishy saw some skates pulled...
  10. Im happy i was wrong lol looks like its beach time!!!
  11. Umm according to the coastal fisherman website we are catching black drum from the surf and starting to see rockfish... Is it just me or does that sound a little incorrect? Lol oh well anybody done anything from the beach front yet???
  12. I said that dave lol... Yea any ways I'm looking forward to it reopening...
  13. according to shanan bucks will be back in 2-3weeks...and yea i like john henrys...hes got pretty good bait and his dog named "Dude" is nice lol
  14. im just happy we have a smaller size and an actual logical season....2 years ago to me it seemed like they only had it open for tourists which i guess was all fine and dandy but i just hate catching a 25in flounder and having to throw it back because the season is well gl to all on landing some door mats this year!!!
  15. Yeah i had a similar issue when i ordered some daiichi circle hooks that were 10/0 yet they were probably the size of a 4/0 owner circle hook lol....became flounder hooks for me...yea i found out about the model #s that way too...