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  1. Thanks. It does sounds really good. I'll giver a try if I catch another one. The big "IF" I catch another keeper lol. Do you think it will work with Blues (20+inchers) or do you think it will be too oily?
  2. BPS used to carry them or they seem to be out when I go (lol). Digit@l D@gger has them at a great price but I really want to see how it feels before I pull the trigger on buying it. I really do like the Ticas and the Tsunami's but they cost a more. If the Emcast feel anywhere near as good as the Tica's or Tsunami's, I think I'll buy it.
  3. With or without the head? I've got no issues with the head on but my wife and kids get a bit freak out by it.
  4. Good idea. I'll look into it. Thanks.
  5. Anyone have any knowledge on the Daiwa Emcast Surf rods? They cost less than the Emblem. They actually cost less than a lot of rods. I've heard they're as good as the Tsumani Trophy surf rods. Not as good as the Airwaves though. I was thinking about buying an 8 ft to cast lures and a 10 or 11 for the summer season for the smaller fish.
  6. When I go to AI, I usually go to the self car wash next to the Jiffy lube off of 50 and near 611. I use my quarters I save in between my fishing trips and that's usually enough to wash the car, under carriage and hose down my rods. I do this because I know if I don't do it, by the time I get home (Frederick, Md), I'll be too tired after unloading the car. If I get too much sand in it, I'll vacuum the car too.
  7. Ah. Thanks. My buddy has one and it's a double as well. I believe Mr. Gene welded the mount for his Tacoma too when he bought his rack. I guess when it gets to be that wide, a single is not stable/strong enough. Not sure if I want to add a front cooler rack as of right now (gas prices). I have a Let's go Aero hitch mount cargo tray (I bought years ago with the cover when my wife was in the we need to pack the entire house mode). I use it without the cover and for now it suits my needs. I've been toying with the idea of having rod holder mounted on it but not sure if the cost would be worth it.
  8. Nice cooler rack. Quick question. Is that a single mount or on a double? Thanks.
  9. Andrew,

    Quick question. I noticed you have the same reel as I do. How far are you casting? I'm using 20lbs P-LineX with a 100lbs PowerPro shock leader mainly 8 and bait on 12ft Ocean Master surf rod. I recently got it my Daiwa magged by Hatteras Jack. 8 and a tennis ball I can cast about 120 on a field. Not sure what I'm doing in the water but it seems far less. I'm right at the farthest breaker right now but I'm thinking with a little more practice and adjusting the mag I can do more. Also, I'm thinking about using 5 or 6 ounce spunik sinkers since they seem to hold pretty good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.