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  1. Well be headin down early sunday morning, giving it a try. Stop by and say hi if you ant will be ridin in a GMC Seira
  2. Please fix your signature. Thanks.

  3. Will be on the beach even though the weather doesnt look that good, gotta fish when i can. Will be out in this ride Will be yakin baits out no matter how rough it is. Stop by and say hi
  4. It depends on the condition of it, and how good the paddle it come with is. If its not beat up and comes with a decent paddle then i would say thats a good deal.
  5. You got that right about sharks loving ray, one of the best baits out there for sharks. Best things is you dont need to worry about it being stolen off the hooks, if you get a pick up and drop you can just let it sit there, till the next bite. You also got that good double rig,(keep using that plastic spacer too) As far as doing a land based shark guide service, the only guys I know of that do that are in south africa, australia, and texas. That would be my dream job as well.
  6. another nice one, making me feel bad that i cant get too the beach for another week and a half.
  7. when tying heavy mono use a 3 turn uni knot leave a long tag. As for crimps, look for somthing in a 1.2 mm size. But i never crimp anything with 100 lb anymore.
  8. Yea I normaly have a good bi catch of big drum on yaked baits, Would be hoping for maybe a MD cobia while im there as well. And any of those butterfly rays i catch are goin back out cut up on the 12/0.
  9. Do you guys cath anything of size besides grabos aka sandtigers? Do you guys ever get spooled? What size reels are you guys usualy running? What style rigs do you like to use? Ill be making some trips in July and August and will be running out large baits on the 9/0 and 12/0, as well as small and medium size baits on my avet lx, 555gs, 4/0, and diawa SL-X50SHA.
  10. Have u thrown that rod yet, if so how did u like it. Im thinking about trying to get that blank or the new lami GSB162-1MH
  11. Started building this rod a few weeks ago, the blank is a American Tackle viper series AVGC66H 6'6", 30-60lb line, rated 1-6oz. Instead of putting cork or EVA on i just did a diamond wrap and epoxied over, mainly cuz im just using this rod for piers and ouit of kayak. The guides are fuji alconites with a SIC tip on it. Paired the rod off with a new Shimano Sustain 6000 loaded with 50lb power pro. Cant wait to test this thing out tommorow.
  12. Goin to take a trip down to OC tommorow night through wensday morning. Was wondering if anybody had any tips for fishing down at the inlet, or from the 50 bridge. If anyone else is planing on fishing let me know. I will be bringing 2 surf rods just incase i feel like hitting the beach.