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  1. Fished AI sunday afternoon, what a beautiful day!!!! nice batch of kings, spot and blues.
  2. The Rock are hitting very well livelining, gone twice now 6/23 and 7/2 (which was my anniversary, and yes I caught some grief). Both times we were in around 40 ft of water on a channel edge and the fish got so thick under us my sounder was reading 19.6 water depth and they would hit as soon as you dropped, it was a blast!! and we have limited out both times. pic is from the 23rd, I don't always take pics, I guess I should.
  3. Fished the mouth of the Choptank (Sands) on thursday 6/12 in 18 to 20 ft water. Loads of Hardheads in the 12 to 18 inch range. We were really trying things out for live lining or in other words we were after Spot, anyway we did get a few Spot amid all the Hardheads so we then ran out to the gooses, there were some other boats there already. We saw one Rock caught but we only had two runs, no hookups. We then ran north about a mile staying on the east side of the channel and tryed again. a couple more runs and one hookup which was a nice Blue 18 inch. So live lining is beginning for 08, its a blast if you have not done it you need to give it a try!
  4. I'm afraid its coming to all of our beaches---- I read these comments and think about how they have ruined Assateague Island Virginia. they have closed the beach down there for years now ----that is why I sold my place at Chincoteague----over half the beach is closed right now, every March 15th it is closed from the coast guard station,south, then before summer gets here the rest will be closed for the birds or turtles or whatever reason they come up with. Don't get me wrong if wildlife needs protecting I am all for it, but don't close the beach to traffic because you might run over baby birds and then have college kids doing "summer work" and various other government tagged trucks running up and down the beach. I was there one day when at least every 15 to 20 minutes a truck was going down the closed area. But then they are government vehicles that have the special tires that don't run over any living things----yeah right---- I hope and pray that our way on the beach survives, I have been doing the surf fishing thing for over 40 years now, but there are alot more liberal tree huggers then us, I really think you will soon see Assateague Island Virginia beaches closed to all OSV very soon
  5. All white and red and white, they hit the umbrella rigs first but when we got into them all the rods went down and you couldn't get the rod back in the holder before it would be hit again-----it was GREAT
  6. I was invited to go on a fishing trip this past Saturday and the good Lord blessed us with calm seas and loads of fish, we even saw lots of whales. We left Greenbackville, Virginia at 6:30 am and headed out of Chincoteague inlet what appeared to be E/SE, we only went a short way and started looking for birds. We found whales first (by the way if anybody knows what species of whales would be out there now, please let me know) then we found strings of birds but they were not working. We spotted a small group diving, so we trolled there and caught a few, one guy had never caught a rock before so he was up first and he had two on at the same time (1st photo) then the Virginia Marine Resources Police came on board and checked us out. All was well. The Capt. got a radio call and we took off for another spot, huge flock of birds working and we limited out quickly. We caught over thirty fish ranging from 27 to 43 inches. Their were some excited anglers and we didn't have enough room in the coolers. When we got back home we made an assembly line to the cleaning and fileting, some beautiful meat. What a glorious day on the water!!!!!!
  7. I saw that show and I also noticed that he used a "thumb-dinger" to lip one of those grouper ---another use that I have not seen mentioned----great show and your GREAT IDEA good job and thanks again
  8. Thats great -----I love it
  9. i've been live lining spot, but about a week ago the rock seem to have dispersed. The guys I know that are out there often, have said the big blues came in and scattered the rock, I hope to be out this weekend and check on the blues, I'll troll tubes around the stone rock, wish you luck and let us know how you do.
  10. just hear say-- that they have caught flounder on the "sands" which is off of cooks point at the mouth of the choptank river
  11. thanks OCS, We're going again tomorrow so I will try to get some better shots ---------- and if anyone wants to know more about how and where please let me know
  12. The last couple of weeks we have been doing great on rock and blues a couple miles south of sharps island light, we head out and catch small spot in the mouth of the choptank. Then we go to the channel edge and live line the spot on a bare hook letting them swim down or where ever they go and before long they are gobbled up, give them a little time to run and eat, then set the hook and have fun, you do have a number of misses either the rock spits the whole spot or a blue takes a chunk and goes on, if that happens just put a lively spot back on and keep fishing----- we have limited out on rock every time but once and that was close --short by one-- due to lots of blues that day eating all our bait. --------- -I think I have finally figured out this picture upload thing---I hope anyway
  13. While lining live spot south of Sharps Island in the mid chesapeake I caught this rock ---- hoping one of you could tell me what this is and if, and how I should report it to someone. actually caught a few with lot less sores than this one, but also caught a 27" one that had huge sores on it. thanks, Kirk
  14. sorry I didn't include that I have a hard time figuring out how to post pics---but I will get it------------anyway it was caught in the mouth of the Choptank river mid bay area ------------rock and blues have been hitting greaty on live spot south of sharps island