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  1. Caught a nice 48-50" Red Drum at 8 AM this morning on cob mullet from Buck's. Kingfish all day long. Blues here and there.
  2. Fished AI yesterday - blues - biggest 24" hit pink & green sting silver lure on my fresh water rod/reel. Fun. Fished today - small rocks 14-16". On fleas and the pink & green sting silver. Guy to left of me caught a 33" rock about 10 AM on salted clam. Later in the day guy to right of me was getting big blues on cut mullet.
  3. Fished Monday afternoon, Tuesday, and this morning. - Monday one knock down and taking line on bunker, then snap line broke. Tuesday skate on every cast with 1 blow fish - sure was nice out till the wind and fog rolled in fast and hard about 1 PM. Wednesday nothing.
  4. Fished all day Wednesday and today until 3 PM. Skate, skate, and more skate with a few doggies in between. When I left today, I think the counter said 9 vehicles out. Won't be like that this weekend!
  5. Fished Thurs night and Friday. Skate and 1 toad fish to show for my efforts. Used sand fleas and sand flea / fish bite combo (what the toad wanted).
  6. Asked at the Ranger Station this morning. Said they are installing one next year by the OSV exit. (Hmm... with sequestration and Federal employees getting furloughed... I can see them installing a fish cleaning station but it would be nice.)
  7. Is there a fish cleaning station in the Federal Park? If not, what's the closest option?
  8. Thanks. When I pulled up I saw 38 and thought "oh crap, how could I have been going that fast?"
  9. Was down this past weekend and noticed the new OSV electronic vehicle counter sign (and gates) as you drive onto the beach. Does anyone know....is the number on the sign the count of vehicles actually out on the beach or is that a count of how many more vehicles can go out? Just curious.
  10. Sorry - I got the impression from the article that some of the OSV area had been effected. Question - if a nest pops up by the Bull Pen - does that effectively close access to all beach south of that? Similar to what's happening in Hatteras at the moment?
  11. www delmarvanow com has an article about Assateague Plover closures. Is this real? I didn't see any reference to it on the NPS AI site. (I'd post the link but I'm a new user an I'm not allowed yet).
  12. When surf fishing w/ bloodworms for Rock, what type of rig / hook size is used? Should I use a bottom rig? Cast far/med/short? I usually use cut bunker on fish finder when I surf fishing. Would you put a blood worm on that too? Thanks