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  1. Thats great about the Rigs and yes they are legal. But Today is April 26 and i was wondering if i should try throwing a cast net
  2. Hey, Is Anyone throwing a net for bait fish yet? I wanna catch some peanut bunker without paying for them but I have heard of no one catching any bait. Also, Has anyone tried A Sabiki rig off Assateague? i am going tomorrow and was curious if anyone had any input on using one from the beach. Thanks, Ben
  3. I have been catching 20-30 perch every time i set the gill net in Assawoman. Most are very good size and have been catching them for 4 weeks.
  4. I had never considered that but any information about licensing would be greatly appreciated. Like the gentleman who posted before me, I have looked and found nothing on the subject.
  5. Hello, I am a Local teenager and I sell Spot and Mullet in the summer. I sell for half the price of the Marinas, which is around One Dollar. I always have several dozen Spot in a holding Tank and will come to you to sell. You can Contact me on this website. Thanks, Ben Mumford
  6. I am a local kid and i sell spot locally. In the Summer i have 10-100 in a holding tank and would be willing to sell them for half the price of the marinas. Which is around a dollar a piece. If Interested comment me. Thanks Ben