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  1. Went out last Friday to the fenwick surf for about 3 hrs. Caught a fat 32incher about 2 hrs after high tide. Also caught a bunch of skates. Caught the rock on bunker chunk. Thinking about heading out again this weekend.
  2. Heres the pic i promised. I caught another 1 a little small but this was a fat female. All fish were released safely and stress free.
  3. Made a trip out yesterday with my cousin with intentions of catching perch with no such luck. All we caught were rockfish and catfish. I'll put a pic up as soon as I figure how to from my iPhone to get everyone's blood flowing for the upcoming surf fishing season!
  4. Made a trip to North OC this past weekend. Caught a bunch of small blues mostly from 8 to 12 inches. Did manage to catch one 20 incher. All were caught on bunker and mullet chunks. Blues were all over the bait as soon as it hit the water and when that stopped the crabs were all over it. Needless to say i went through a lot of bait. Caught a few small sharks and skates also. I guess the rocks haven't showed up yet. Last year around this time i caught a 30 incher but no luck so far this year. I plan on taking another shot at it sometime this weekend. They have to show up eventually, hopefully i'll be there when they do. I've researched a couple other websites and their slow up in jersey too so i just don't know where the heck the rockfish are. Some people are saying they followed the bunker off the coast and thats why their having a bad season so far, but who knows. Good luck to everyone and keep posting eventually one of us will land a cow soon enough.
  5. I'm fishing the DMS tourney and had a few questions. I read that the fishing area is The Cape Henlopen State park. I've never fished there and was wondering if their was a map of the area that were allowed to fish. Maybe a website or something i could check out. I fished this tournament 2 years ago and if i remember correctly the bethany and fenwick area were included then. I just hope theres plenty of room for eveyone to fish. Like i said i've never fished Cape Henlopen so i don't know how much room there is up that way. Thanks for any help given.
  6. Went out to the honeypot yesterday for some perch action. Caught about 12 perch in a couple hours. Only kept 8 of the bigger ones. Also had the normal by-catch of these guys. Heres a couple pics from the day. All the rocks caught were successfully released and swam off fine.
  7. Hit north <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">Oc</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> on Sunday. Fished from 4 am to 11. Caught 5 hake before sunrise and a bunch of baby skates. Finally a lil after 930 my rods were hitting left and right. I got this 36 and as soon as I threw it on the beach my far rod was bent with line whistling off. I grabbed it and battled the fish for about 10 mins and when i got it close to the drop off it turned and snapped my 50# leader. I still don't know if it was a blue or rock. After all that my 3rd rod got a hit while I was baiting up the other 2 but I didn't get to it in time. I stayed for another hour with nothing else hitting. I went out again on tues and got a small 26.
  8. Went down to North OC for a weekend fishing trip. Stopped by harbor tackle and bought some fresh bunker and fresh spot. Got on the beach at about 7pm. Caught a couple skates and dogfish sharks. And at about 830 Hooked up with a Rock. It measured 30". Stayed out till about midnight then came back out again at 530am. Caught nothing but skates and dogfish sharks all day and night. A school of cobb mullet came by and i cast netted a few of them but most were to far to cast to. All day long crabs were everywhere. I had to go back to harbor tackle and pick up some more bunker. Went back out again on sunday morning and hooked up with some skates and a couple mini flounder. Overall it looked real promising hooking up with the 30" rock within 2 hours of being there for the weekend. Hopefully next week the Big Dogs will start showing up. I plan on making another weekend trip down again next week.
  9. I guess I'll post one more report here for the end of April even know all the good fish were caught today may 1st. Went out to North <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym></acronym> with my cousin and his boss and friend tore into the skates for a good hour. A couple big take downs on my pole with bunker head but when i picked up the pole they let go. Other than that nothing else all night. So we left at 12 and i came back out at 530 am. I hooked into a 40 incher by about 615 on a bunker chunk and while i was pulling the hook out a fish was slamming down my other pole pulled it in and it measured about 37. Can't go wrong with a 2 banger first thing in the morning. So i let the second one go and kept the first one in hopes to catch a bigger one. Then about 30 minutes passed and i hooked up with another 37. Let him go as well. I was only going to keep 1 fish but i got a call from my cousin asking me to bring him some rock fish so i figured i had to tough it out and try and get him one before i headed back home. About 2 hours passed and i hooked up with a 39. So in the cooler and away i go. No skates at all today thank god. Gonna probably make another trip out early tomorrow again. Heres some pics sorry about the blurry left side i had some fish guts on my cell phone camera lens
  10. I am having some problems with attachments. Please email me the picture and I will place it in your post above. Thanks Sam@atlanticanglers.com
  11. Went out to the honeypot yesterday and hooked in to some good size rock. First picture is a 34 incher and second one is a 35 incher. They both look quite similar but i promise there 2 different fish. Both of them were caught on bloodworms. I bought new bloodworms but whats funny is all the fish i caught were on the bloodworms i had left over from last week. They were half rotten and still worked. I don't even think i got a bite on the new bloodworms. All and all i had a great time.
  12. Well i kind of answered my own question with finding an article. Heres an attached link from the NOAA website for frequently asked questions. https://www.countmyfish.noaa.gov/faq_registry.html#2 I believe if you look at question number 21 it explains that once your registered with one state your on record with their registry and don't need to register with other states. They could of written it a little easier to understand, but from what i'm getting if your registered with one you only need that one number and your covered to fish anywhere in the country. Anyone who reads it any different let me know.
  13. Everyone i talked to says the FIN covers you for all states. I got mine through Delaware so i'm assuming i can use it in Maryland too. If its something federal it should only need to be filed through one state and the number should cover you no matter where your fishing. And from my understanding it seems like all their doing is trying to survey where you fish and what your fishing for. But at this point it all seems a little sketchy to me and they definitely don't have their crap together. They need to write an article up and explain it all in detail so that everyones on the same page and doesn't have to question anything. Anyone with a helpful article feel free to post it.
  14. They started showing up in the spill ways off of the nanticoke this past Friday. Just gotta get them at high tide. I've got 11 of them all bagged and ready to go for when i go out next time. They should be coming up to you guys by now.
  15. The Herring have arrived. Now its time to get out there and get some Big dogs baby! I got my limit of 10 on wed using a sabiki rig. Cant wait to get out there and get some big rocks