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  1. maryland, pa border. closest to hagerstown. have only mapquested to ocean city and just guessing on time to bay. but now that you mention it Dulles is like an 1.5 hour drive so i guess that distance would put me near the bay.
  2. so the Morning Star it is. I emailed the captain and he emailed me back the same day with a nice welcome. it looks like he is a little on the expensive side but if he puts folks on the fish it is well worth it to me.
  3. just moved from california and need advice. What are the best headboats in ocean city area? how about headboats in the bay? in cali we call headboats party boats or if you are feeling like a smart a@$ cattle boats. Are there any headboats that do overnight or multi day trips? until i meet some friends with boats or buy one myself i will have to rely on the headboats to get my saltwater fix. sadly, ocean city is 210 miles from where i just moved, and the bay about 2.5 hrs. that being said, any advice that would keep me from wasting my time would be greatly appreciated. thanks remember: there is a fine line between fishing and just standing on a boat and looking stupid.