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  1. what type of bait is used for the black drumhere. In texas we use sand flies and craps just curious
  2. Nice catch... I went to Texas for the holidays.. came back from 80 degrees to freezing again in northern Virginia.. Getting used to this new form.. not so friendly.. Sure miss the old one.. Jose
  3. SAM, I'll take two please let me know where to send the money.. My address is 3309 Hunters Trail Drive Amissville, Va. 20106
  4. I was reading you alls e-mails, back home in Texas we use crabs for black drum. I was wondering if the crabs worked here.. I am in northern VA. now but do my fishing in OC about three to four times a year. Would be nice to hit the drum season when ever it is back home the drum run from Feb to mid March... On a lighter note when in OC I do all my shoping at the local shops... I was really disappointed when S/town was sold... Now there is a piece of OC that will never return... Gents and Ladies support the local folks you'll miss them when they are gone.