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  1. Yes, I was also surveyed on Sunday. Question, While fishing on Sunday a 4 wheel all terrain buggy/cart came down the beach,fishing poles and gear plainly in view, is this permitted? I thought that it wasn't but I saw a ranger driving the beach (perhaps 20 min later) and I never saw the buggy leave.
  2. Fished A.I. Saturday nite into Sunday-Kingfish by the bucket loads-a lot of fun and action; couple doggies-Ocean water very cold-guess in the high 50's-The breeze off the ocean was cool-cold-fire was welcome. I would like a recommendation of a light for the end of the rod-one that stays on during the cast,-easy to see,the bell system is hard to hear with my son playing his music--Thanks
  3. Ben, We have been using something very similar,I think, we have been using loop protectors,(spring type),same idea -line goes thru spring,which is lighter than a loop protector,comes out gets a alum crimp-have held up very well--although any item adds weight --the cast. Take a look at wind on leaders-they are any lenght ,but wrap around reel (5 times min.),spin or con.,thus all the thrust is on the reel,not on the knot, -the connection bim to bim is small goes thru eyes, easy(smaller than any uni to uni-in this size mono-I have been using BHP Tackle(the best on the E. Coast) He has made mine out of "Soft Steel" a very soft ,pli-able mono-This system costs a few bucks-unless you make your own wind on-not enough time-but it has no equal(silly statement) but true for me-cause I can't break it off even using 10oz-12oz. I used this a lot with braid-real strenght. I like all the rest of us am always looking for the strongest and lightest way to throw heavy weight. long post sorry-
  4. Bought this reel (took some ribbing as digital control)-specs:max drag 22# 6.2:1 gear ratio 46"-25 # 300yds paired with 13' rainshadow rod. This reel has the feel and performance of real quality(no I don't work for shimano)-pricey but definitely the answer to large reds//sharks worked it with penn525 mag & daiwaslx30 sha- has a smooth star drag-large casting surface-can"t say I threw further than 525 or daiwa but was up there. The penn is 18oz-shimano is 22.9-much larger spool area plus alum metal. I have to say throws 12oz weights nice,especially with 13' rod.Worked thru digital settings-1/1000th of a second checks line to see if slack-engages brakes according-no blow ups very smooth -feels right on a big stick. no batteries-like a self winding watch-throwing charges it. I plan on using this on the boat also as loaded with braid 65#=550YDS.
  5. Fished A.I. Sunday 5-11/ the water was clear and it was a beautiful day-cloudy-great for stripers. My son and I caught 4 stripers-largest 27 1/4" smallest 25 1/2" what a thrill-caught on bunker,2 hrs on building high tide. Fished again Wed-5-15 rough and lots of sea weed-to the point couldn"t reel in with-out clearing several times-hot and humid. Set up for high tide 12 oz to hold-Park Ranger came along and closed the beach-before high tide. Spoke to a fellow from Delaware had harvested 2 drum on Sat into Sun-Looks like a great start to the season . Wish to thank Sam for the sticker(already displayed on the window)-great as new members can spot other members on the beach. Thank-You Steve for delievery of rod to O.C.(saved me some driving)paired it with a 6500 blue yonder-now have the set.
  6. Haven't been successful with drum off Delawares Beaches-But their have been red drum caught in the De. Bay-warmer weather? go figure tell the fish where they should be. I am fishing A. I. this spring so perhaps-//I will tell you that the V.A . outer islands have drum-We used 12" rods,8n bait-menhayden-We fished with a local guide and had a great expierence. Good Luck!
  7. First thanks for the many suggestions- Great Board-Appreciate that this board takes the time to answer new members questions-Just Great& appreciated! I like the idea of PP(20),Perhaps 80-100Yds,then 15-17# Suffix Tri- if I can get to 190-200 yds that plenty- I am targeting whatever is running striper,red drum later flounder- using this reel as a close-in reel-have 525"s,Daiwa's 30xsha for more capacity,also have Abu Garcia 6500's -My spread should be inclusive:ofcourse I will have to make this leap from all spinning to conventional. Ans. to question- Steve-Fin Galley Capt. Krage Gardiner-out of Oregon Inlet-Came to Rudee Inlet for stiper this season-fished with him for 5yrs-first class Capt.
  8. Not to change thread but wanted to show pics of fishing trip
  9. This is my new reel,To get more line /although, perhaps the pp for a base then suffix,then leader Thanks
  10. 5500 ABU=12# 255YDS,17#=130YDS// 40# BRAID=296 with 40# mono top shot could put 200 yds of braid would equal 525 mag or 6500 c3 abu; Thats my reasoning;Draw back in a blow up pretty messy-but what blow-up isn"t?
  11. What's the best braid for conventional reel-30# to 40# for beach casting,good with knots,low wind whip, all around best /