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  1. Why has braid less sheer strength than mono and is this true only when they have matching test strength? Wouldnt 50 test braid have greater sheer strength than 20 Ib mono? Josh
  2. Thanks for the feedbackand suggestions. I have been using braid for many years. No break offs as yet . What I like about is is that I can feel what is happening at the end of the line , it casts further than mono, and no need for a shock leader. i
  3. I have been using Power Pro at Assateague and someone there suggested using Spiderwire Ultracast braid as it casts further and is easier to tie knots with. Would appreciate comments from anyone who has experience using both braids. Josh
  4. I have been using Power Pro braided line on my spinning reels (for surf fishing at Assateague) . Someone on the beach recently recommended Spidewire Ultracast Ultimate Braid because it outcasts PPro and it is a better line for knot tying. Dawai Samurai braided line also receives rave reviews in some fishing forums. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with these or other braided lines and their pros and cons. Josh

  5. Many thanks for the helpful advice : will definitely consider the Salt Striker,Tica, St Croix, Tsunami, and Lamiglas reommendations .
  6. Is there a surf rod that can match a loomis 10' 6'' rod (Lure weight:2-8; Action: fast; Power:heavy) and costs significantly less than $375.00? Would very much any help on this. Thanks. Josh
  7. This season I am going to have a go at catching stripers in the Ch. Bay but just read that many of them have an infectious disease. Is this true? And what of stripers off Assateague? Would appreciate it if someone could provide information about this. (I tried searching for information in the forum but nothing came up) Josh24
  8. I am sure your right and I will bear it in mind. I've specialized in catching blue fish: like to catch and eat them.
  9. This is good advice. I am trying to get some idea of makers of rod that seem to have the features I want so I can locate stores that stock these brands and can arrange to visit them on my way down t to the Va and Md in the Spring and Fall. There are times --rough sea, strong cross-wind-- when my 4 ounces wouldnt hold bottom but I dont like to fish in these conditions. Also my current rod would snap with anything heavier . I always fish at the Va end of Assatteugue. Josh
  10. Thanks for the clarification! Just saw some stats on a St Croix, one of your earlier suggestions, in their Triumph series: 10'//Action:Mod. Fast //Power: M//Line wt: 8-20//Lure Wt: 3/4--4. Looks really promising. I suppose that any rod which can throw lures above 4 ounces is of necessity going to have a rigid end section so the trick is to find 10' surf rods which are not designed to throw weights higher than 4 ounces (need 4 ounces at Assateaugue to hold bottom) but which also can handle much lower weighted lures--three quarter of an ounce in the case of this St Croix--because this suggests a flexible rod and tip. Josh
  11. Will keep my eyes open for a glass rod. One reason I prefer a more sensitive i.e. flexible tip is for casting. I am not able to cast well with a rod that is rigid all the way to the tip.
  12. Will look at the Okuma (but what does P.O S refer to?). Will also read up on fixing my old rod. Thanks for the suggestions. Josh
  13. Thanks for the ideas. I will look into the Tica rods. I have a Tsunami but the version I have (its stats match my Daiwa Regal) has a very rigid tip. Josh
  14. The Uptide is probably what I need . At Carolina CastPro the factory built version is $265 but I am sure it's worth . it would be great if I could find something in the $100 range. But many thx for the tip. Josh
  15. I have been using a 10' medium heavy action Daiwa Regal Strike (6729) graphite rod with a spinning reel these past 25 years surf fishing at Assateague Va. Casting weight is 1-4oz and recommended line is 16-30lb. It's on its last legs and I need a replacement. All the equivalents I 've seen in stores have rod tips that are too stiff/rigid compared to the Daiwa Regal Strike. Would really appreciate any advice on how I can lay my hands on a 10' rod with a sensitive tip that indicates even the slightest bite reliably. Thanks . Josh