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  1. Hey Bill, I think this is what you are referring to...they are delicious!!! :happy3: [video=youtube_share;XR4iauuRbz8]
  2. Oy Vey!!! Nice feesh Coop!!
  3. Very very nice feesh! What was the bait? Bunker I assume...anyway, great job and way to stick it out!
  4. Yes it is great news! Was beginning to get worried, especially since Harbor is no longer around....
  5. Thanks Jim. I'll check out the Francis Scott Key....Was thinking about a tent site as a last ditch. Hope to see you on the beach with all the craziness.
  6. Congrats guys! Not to change the subject but is there an inexpensive place to stay the night nearby AI on the MD side?
  7. Way to go Jim and Amanda! I hope to get out there next week.
  8. SCHWEEEET FEEESH Sam!! Congrats! Too funny about the shock breaking but if its right, its right! Thoughts and prayers for your sister. You're a good brother.
  9. LOL...Morty, looks to me Chris is pickin' but he sure ain't grinnin' ....Any day now...come on feeshes!!
  10. Not to hijack the thread but in Potomac the hickories are still there but beginning to tail off. I caught a bunch of hickories on Sunday and today went out on the river and caught several whites and a couple of hickories. They are a blast!
  11. What Jim and OCS said, again, breathables will do you even in the coldest weather if you layer properly. Put on some polypropylene pants in the winter and you're good to go...maybe some sweats over the poly and you're done. The poly wicks away the sweat from your body and keeps you warm. Sweat makes you cold and clammy. Wick it away, breathables are light and help as long as you layer properly.
  12. I think Jim and Morty said it, conventionals are great for throwing heavy baits in a tossed surf, for sure. I usually keep a spinning combo close by for schools and throwing metal or lures just in case.
  13. Coop, we should rename you the FISH WARRIOR! Keep at it! I may see you on the beach this weekend. Hoping to catch hold of a post Christmas striper! All the best to you and yours!
  14. Great report Flatfish! I can only imagine the sight of the hole and you going nuts! Thanks for the report.
  15. Sam, You have it right, fishing with your kids is an awesome experience, even when you know they have a bigger fish on the line than you do! The amazing smiles on their faces, the thrill you get from their excitement, hanging on the beach at night and counting the shooting stars. Also, smoking a cigar without worrying about offending anyone, beer in hand, and a touch of Jack Daniels under the hood.... ;-)