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  1. Very nice, Coop!
  2. Yesterday mid OC surf, a 40" for me and a 42 for my buddy Al. Both fish caught on bunker chunks.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know, i just picked up some fresh bunker from Bucks Place. They got it in last night. I don't believe they are open tomorrow. John
  4. Hit the beach in mid Ocean City again today. Did not get out till about 2:00PM, water was very clear. Around 4:00 pulled in a nice 35" rock on cut bunker. Since I am still eating the one from Friday, I sent this one back to be caught another day. John
  5. Mid OC beach yesterday for about 7 hours, nothing.
  6. Thanks. 1st pic was yesterdays, 2nd pic was from last year. I should not post after a few too many cocktails.
  7. Fished the beach in mid <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym> today. 1st and only hit of the day, a nice 34".Caught on bunker chunk. Rockfish tacos and margaritas tomorrow. [ATTACH]10257[/ATTACH]
  8. Fished AI for about 5 hours on Friday, 2 decent size sharks about 4.5' and 1 skate. The beach in mid OC saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning without a hit.
  9. Bev and Terry, I can't make the party as I will be out of town that week. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I really only started surf fishing hard about 4 years ago and once I found you guys I would go nowhere else for bait. Your friendliness and fresh bait will be missed. Good luck in whatever you do and take care of yourselves. John M.
  10. 5 hours or so in the mid O.C. surf, nice east breeze for most of the day. No fish, no crabs, no isopods. Heads and chunks went untouched. Will give it another go tomorrow for a few hours. John
  11. I'll be heading out in the mid O.C. surf tomorrow, I'll post results or no results when I get back in. John
  12. Fished mid O.C. surf all day today, not a bite. John
  13. Hit the beach in mid O.C. today. Birds were working all over the place in the morning. Crabs were not as bad as they have been. Managed one 33", 11lb Blue. My buddy lost one about the same size when it bit through his leader in the suds. John
  14. Why is the Nov. 16-30 fishing report thread closed? John
  15. Hit the beach in mid O.C. yesterday and today. Went through about 10lbs of bunker each day, crabs were tearing it up. Had one hit yesterday, came away with a 30" rockfish, very skinny. Today my buddy Bruce got a 31" rockfish, a whole lot fatter than mine. Two great days on the beach, hopefully it will continue tomorrow. Rockfish tacos and margaritas tonight. John