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  1. any one having any luck with drum and trout in that area. what has been bitting. thanks.
  2. :director:just got an up date from a good freind spots on both side of the peir in morehead. man wish i where down there. thats the way it gose u know. when u get there they say man they just stoped bitting . lmao. well good luck. the water tem. is around 68 to 71 there and it seems they have started moving south. will check it out this week. good fishing.
  3. thanks sam and steve. have a box full of tricks so we will see how it gose. pretty kool site . glad i found it. see ya
  4. going out this weekend 11/2 and3. to holdens beach. looking for drum and truot. any one having any luck. if so where and what with. have not had any luck so fare with much, spots not realy running good and have not had the time i would like to fish. good luck to all.