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  1. That thing is so cool...I want it. Do you have any other pics? Whats the mileage on it? Thanks, Nate
  2. Here are some pics of the Saturday A.M. fishing session. We were in section 29. Enjoy!!! "The Hookers"
  3. Well, once again you guys put on a great tournament. Unfortunately, the weather did not. Boy was it blowin out there this morning. Thanks to all who put on this event. See you all out there next year. "The Hookers" P.S. Rick's Bait and Tackle, next year you're goin down!!!
  4. I am more than ready to get out there and catch some fish. Lets just hope that the weather will cooperate. See you all on the beach!!! I'll be driving a green F-150.
  5. yeah, I'm not so sure about getting the bait out that way. I'm sure there are better ways.
  6. My wife is from Perth, Australia and we are heading back there for a couple of weeks in november. I will have to try that for sure.
  7. What a beautiful day on A.I. today. Got there around noon with an out going tide. Set up just past the Bull Pen. Had 4 rods with mullet rigs and 2 with drum rigs with cut bunker. Nothing on the drum rigs all day, but tore the snapper blues up with mullet. Within 2 min. of putting the first rod in the water, had one hooked up. Most around the 12-14" range, but had a couple 17-19" blues. Brought in one 17" flounder as well. Wind was very calm until around 4pm, then it started picking up. Left around 6pm. Hopefully this nice weather will stick around for a little while longer.
  8. I've eaten skate before. You can actually cut the wings up to make immitation scallops. Very good, but dont eat a "Cow Nose" skate. It's a dark meet that tastes like MUD!!!
  9. NE is going to win along with GB and then GB is going to take NE out!!! GO PACKERS!!!!!!!
  10. Awww...good ol' flyfishin!!! I have been fresh water fly fishing and tying my own flies since I was 9. I got into Saltwater fly fishing when I was 15. Love it, Love it, Love it. I even have a Sage Graphite II that is autographed by Lefty Kreh, a world known flyfisherman. Well, if anyone would like to get into it, let me know. It is a great joy of mine. Also, if anyone would like to go out, I'm all for it. There are some great places to go around here. Nate
  11. I was not trying to "piss on their cheerios". Good on the captain for putting them on fish. That's just alot of fish for 6 people, even if they are within limits. Could have been more people, but you normally dont get many more than that on a charter. That pic just didnt seem like a representation of sportmanship. My opinion, thats all.
  12. Obviously they don't believe in catch and release. There is no reason to keep that many fish. Keep the big boys if you want em and put the rest back. Thats my opinion and the way I fish.
  13. Very, very cool clip!!! Nice catches