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  1. Just heard that the launch ramps on Wylie have now been closed due to the lack of water! Any other sugestions?
  2. Thanks for that Steve it confirms what others have said.Suppose there is just as good a chance of getting a Buffalo pick up one of our dough/paste or maize baits meant for carp? Thanks also DogDeal.Ive caught Flathead cats and Channel cats whilst in the US before but hope to have a try for a Blue this time.
  3. Thanks for replying Jeff.Im visiting a friend who lives near Charlotte.I believe Lake Wylie is going to be one of our venues (water level permitting). Buffalo are one of the few (large) freshwater species that Ive never caught and Im keen to try for one.Ive read up whatI can find out about them but still not much info! Any pointers re tackle/baits/location would be much apreciated.
  4. Hi my name is Budgie Burgess,At the moment I live in London,England.In a few weeks Im visiting a friend of mine in North Carolina for a few weeks fishing.Was hoping some of you could give me some information about fishing for Buffalo? Where to find them,best conditions,baits etc? Many thanks.