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  1. That looks awesome, but... In the end it probably consumes 100% of your free time to maintain and costs a fortune. Probably not as cool when you actually have it... On a side note, I did casually suggest to my wife that we keep some live eels in our bathtub for striper season. Yeah, I ended up sleeping on the couch for a couple of nights
  2. Just curious because i've been catching a lot of eels at my freshwater hole lately and i'd like to freeze em till April when striper season starts up again
  3. Actually i think i'm gonna keep anymore eels i get and throw em in the freezer until striper season
  4. The fall weather has finally set in and we can kiss thos 70 and 80 degree days goodbye until next year. Went up to lake Holbrook for a couple hours last night hoping to catch some bullheads. None were biting, however I caught several white perch, a couple blue gills, and 2 eels (I can't decide which i hate more, bluegills or eels - probably eels). Despite the weather, I'll keep fishing as long as SOMEthings' biting...
  5. Ok, so i tried the dog food, but it just floated right out of the trap soon as it hit the water (FYI my trap is one of those cheap yellow plastic ones). I had some frozen porgies in the freezer so i used some twine and tied one to the inside of the trap and tied a 5 oz sinker on as well. I'll go back and check it tonight
  6. Hi guys, Just bought a minnow trap. Gonna go after some freshwater bass with live shiners. I know how the trap works, but just had a couple of questions i was hopin someone could answer: - What do i put in the trap to attract them? Raw chicken? Bread? Does it even really matter? Was going to use chicken livers but they tend to attract a lot of snapping turtles. - How much time should I allow for the minnows to get in there? Was thinking of just setting the trap at the spot I'll be fishing the night before I'm going. Wasn't sure if that was too much time... ~Thanks
  7. Occupation: Professional Noodler
  8. I've hooked a couple big snappers over the past couple weeks. I felt bad, but i returned and fed them some bread so maybe they'll forgive me
  9. ^thats some crazy country boy stuff right there lol I caught a carp with my bare hands once, but it was in crystal clear water only about a foot deep so i guess it doesn't qualify as noodling...
  10. Read about this in the news last week. The building was constructed in the 1940's I believe. It is indeed a navy barracks. It was in the news because they are going to change the structure of the buidling now
  11. Took the Hyline bottom fishing charter and came home with 16 black seabass, a nice sand shark (hey, some people eat 'em), and a beatiful black fish (aka tautog). Caught 10 or so others I had to throw back as well. Also had some decent scups but couldn't keep em as the season is closed. Two others on the boat each caught nice bluefish. Beautiful weather and calm waters although a lot of current today. The cruise was only about half booked, so we had plenty of room to spread out. Will put up pictures soon as I can. FYI Hyline goes out until October 22nd, however they may extend into November this year if the weather remains warm. Their rate is $29 for a 4-hour trip - well worth it seeing as you come home with much more than that in fish dollars. Took this same trip a week and a half ago and had a great day also. Let me know if you would like their contact info.