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  1. Hey Steve with all this crap about beach sharkin can I fish with you????:eusa_dance: Sure looks like you are having a good time!!!! Well done!
  2. Don't just look at the south beach lot. I have caught fish at the north beach lot and the state park beach too. Look at low tide and pick out the best area. Doesn't have to be at south beach.
  3. Hey Jim it's nice! Rides fine on the beach and now I have plenty of room. I forgot to mention all my biters were on a chunk thrown out as far as possible. Fished a lot of heads without a bite on them. Yea watch that shelf, probably pretty easy to drive off that at night!
  4. I was out on Thursday just after they closed the orv to just south of the bullpen. My plan was to stay on the beach Thursday thru very early Saturday morning but with that wind sandblasting me and being at the bullpen I wasn't feeling it. So I headed in Thursday evening. Caught a few small blues and sand sharks. 10's were not holding very well in that NE wind. I was out again Friday morning before dawn. Overnight they moved the stakes town to about 25 or so. 7:30 the ranger came by and opened it up all the way. There is pretty much no room at 29 on high tide. You have about 30 feet between the stakes and the ocean during the high tide/lunar phase. I went all the way down and fished chunks and heads all day. Caught a few skates and 5 smaller sandbars. 3'ers and had one really nice run and hookup. Headshakes! Thinking I got my first red on and before you know it I see shark. Nice sandbar 5' or so...... Sure hope the wind is kind to us or else there will be no drum fishing down south.
  5. Well I was out today for a bit. I was gonna stay all day thru tomorrow night but right now the orv is closed about 1/4 mile south of the bullpen. That and the ripping current had me pack it in. 10's were not holding. I am gonna wait for the wind to die a bit tonight before going back out. Supposed to go SE for a time. Wish the orv was open more to the south but something tells me they won't change it much at all tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. Yea I hear ya Jim but I gotta be in town anyway. I doubt they will close the beach with East 15-20 which they are predicting for Friday. Hope not anyway. Saturday looks bad but Sunday is looking good.
  7. Well I am coming down this weekend unless the weather goes way downhill. Friday looks pretty good with east winds and maybe Sunday too!
  8. How often is this flat tire business? I went down to the line a few times last week. The tracks were clear of debris, probably not that way now. Can you see the stuff in the ruts or what? I am going back this weekend, got the spare ready to go but wondering....will those fix a flat cans work????
  9. Yea no question everything will eat shrimp. But I will not use anything for bait that I like eating more than the fish I catch!
  10. Yea Jim your right. I was always quick to take off when I was fishing the walkovers. Collecting your rods and packing up and then dragging that aluminum beach cart with those 12 rods sticking straight up was not cool in threatening weather. I always left early. Anyway I am hoping that I can ride out some storms in the truck.
  11. Hey Scott that is the same bait I use for kings. Maybe going out tomorrow and see if I can catch some.....
  12. Yea Steve I guess I wasn't clear about my question. I am not talking about fishing during a storm but is it ok to hide out in your truck or should you run off the beach?
  13. Thanks for the info. Last night we were down at the line and while there was nothing coming from the south there was a storm to the north. Wondering if it is safe on the beach during a storm or not. One bite off on the shark rig. Lots of grass down south. Right now i am just having fun driving on the beach!:blob1: