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  1. I caught a few stripers, a bunch of blues and a flounder when I went fishing in mid-Oct w/my dad.
  2. Thanks Jim. I noticed next week that high tide will be early morning or late evening. Odds are we'll be fishing late morning/early afternoon which is mostly during low tide. Is that going to hurt our chances of snagging some fish?
  3. Anybody still post here? Been awfully quiet. I'm making my annual trip to visit my parents. Will be surf fishing w/my dad next week at Cape Henlopen. Was wondering if anyone has fished there recently and if anything is biting?
  4. Hi All, I will be visiting my parents in Lewes next week and plan to do some serious surf fishing w/my dad that week. Just wondering how the surf fishing is going as of late. Thanx, Chris
  5. Hi All, Will be surf fishing for stripers and blues in the near future. Just got a new 10' rod and reel. The reel can handle 15-30 lb test line. Was wondering if anyone has suggestions on what type of line and brand to use. Thanks, Chris
  6. I just recently purchased a new 10ft rod/reel combo: Penn - Spinfisher 8500SS Reel - Outer Banks CP10SCT Spining Rod Combo. This is an upgrade. Was using a 9 ft rod/reel that was willed to my by my late grandfather for the last 17 yrs. Unfortunately, the reel is failing and the rod is falling apart. So my wife got me a new rod/reel for my b-day. That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for type and strength of test line to using for surf fishing out of Cape Henlopen? My reel can hand 15-30 lb line. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Randy. Truth be told, I will fish anywhere given the opportunity (boat, pier, surf, video games too). Don't get to do it nearly as much as I'd like.
  8. Hi All, This is my first post. This site is great. I live in MD, just outside of DC. My parents are semi-retired and have a house in Lewes. I fish with my dad off the Cape Henlopen pier as well as surf fish there too. I will be making my annual visit in mid-October to fish with my dad. Hope the stripers are biting then. Looking forward to contributing to this site. Regards, Chris