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  1. sorry , but stopped at LA for bait last weekend ; first and last time .... fresh bunker !! sorry but no way ! fresh thawed maybe , still semi frozen in water in a cooler .. 3.50 a lb !! it was so bad it would turn to mush trying to cut it and put a hook in it .... oh and no ice ....
  2. if you stay away from 'lights' your eyes adjust to the dark .. only time i use a light is to dig bait out of the cooler or retie a shockleader . and the the light i use has a red bulb in it so as not to hurt my night vision . hell even the truck camper has a red led light in it for use at night !
  3. From AMSA website: The NPS is closing the OSV zone starting at KM18, due to shorebird activities in that area. The NPS will be setting up a temporary Bullpen area, in the KM 16-17 range, which will hold only 50 self-contained units. Campfires will be authorized in this new bullpen area, but everyone is encouraged to please clean-up after your fire and help keep the beach clean. Signage will be posted of this new bullpen area. The closure is expected to last a couple weeks, or until the birds have matured. This new closure doesn't impact the 145 vehicle limit on the beach. If you see anyone enter this closure area, please contact the ranger's station so they can dispatch a law enforcement officer to the closure area. It is everyone's responsiblity to help report these activites.
  4. check the dates on the posts , the workshops were last year ...
  5. always ? no , it has just been in the past 5 years or so ...............
  6. Dad

    sorry about your dad , sam . thoughts and prayers for your family . derf
  7. yup it is .. to the best of my knowledge , and my poor memory ; the record is 971 feet ??
  8. either you need to start going to distance casting competitions or buy a tape measure !! i think a tape measure is the answer ....................
  9. Finnegans restaurant used to have them in buxton ....
  10. martins in west ocean city has it sometimes kool ice in cambridge
  11. or half thawed , use an ice pick to get it on the hook
  12. i've heard there is a for sale sign on it ...
  13. ok , i thought that if you had a MD license or any other states saltwater license , you are automatically registered with the feds . only new jersey on the east coast does not have a state salt water license , so if you didn't have a license for any other state you would have to register ... am i right in my thinking ?? because last year md didn't have a license , but i had a nc license ; so i was covered ......
  14. too little .. too late ....
  15. hummm, it has been posted here for a week now