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  1. Caught a mess of fine blues on Monday the 24th at 94th street, big hole, could not miss it. Also caught two shorties on Sunday at the same spot. This report was from October 24th. Had two doubles on the bluefish rigs. OB had fresh finger mullet at that time. Threw the cast net into the surf with little produced. Fished ASS. and had little luck. Again, I am amazed at how productive OC is versus ASS. this time of year. Any thoughts??
  2. I never get tired of seeing those Human like choppers on a nice Sheep! Great pics as always.... Devo
  3. Nice one! Congrads Mark.... Dave
  4. Mark, Thanks for the VCAN stuff. I put the mug to good use on my trip. Funny thing about the bait choice, we used up all the blues we caught and the pompano was the last thing I had to cut up so I put out the head....and had just spiked the rod and was sitting down for 10 minutes. it was nice to hear that clicker go off. Hope to see you down that way in the near future. Dave
  5. Thanks for the comments guys....I'll definitely be going back in the near future....
  6. I'm curious how much the ferry adds to the trip. Are you going over SQ or CI ferry? You'll have a great time once you get there!
  7. I finally got the chance to do some surf fishing in Virginia. Went with a buddy for a three night canoe/camping/fishing trip down to False Cape State park. For those not familiar with the area, you need to hick, bike, or canoe through BB NWR to get to False Cape. We elected to paddle. After two days, lots of rain and bugs, I was rewarded with this 47 inch Drum using a previously caught Pompano head. The fish took the bait at 2 hours past evening high tide near False Cape Landing. The fight was 20 minutes and took me up the beach 200 yards. After the photo she was released clean and healthy. Thanks to my buddy for bringing his blackberry to be able to get the picture. What a journey!!
  8. Ben, Saw your pics on tradewinds! Nice fish, just 2 more weeks before my pilgrimage south! I'll be taking one of your creations in the tool box. Dave
  9. Nice Pics, Always somthing to do down there even when you can't get off shore....
  10. A little Late with the post but better nate than Lever..... Fished <acronym title="Outer Banks"><acronym title="Outer Banks">OBX</acronym></acronym> from Aprill 21-25, finally the fish moved in on Saturday starting with dozens of cow nose rays on North Beach (Ramp 43-44) as access to the point was closed to vehicles due to supposed nesting behavior by two male oyster catchers. All afternoon and early evening, more rays than you could care to see, after dusk, the rays slowed down and High tide produced skates and dog fish. At 8:30 one of my rods goes OFF!!! 20 minutes later I landed this 47 inch Red Drum. Got My Sring Citation despite the closure!! [ATTACH]6165[/ATTACH]
  11. Sweet catch CDOG! Hope to get down there in the next week or two to chase Reds myself. Nice photos as well. Devo
  12. My brother and I decided to head down to NC for a long weekend of Fishing. We fished Thursday and Friday at the point and caught many smallish blues up to 15 inches. We saw several Puppies outside the slot come in. By Saturday Morning, the usual weekend congestion drove us from the point up to Ramp 43. It was a beautiful day, bait fish schools racing up and down the beach, blues crashing the surface all day long about 300 yards out. We set up a spread of four large rods out deep and fished in close for the smaller stuff with the light spinners. All day long we relaxed and fished this way. Then, at about a half hour past low tide, one of the rods next to my brother goes OFF. The fish tore off 200 yards on the first run and jumped out of the water way out near the 300 yard zone. All I could think was, take your time with this one brother, paly the fish out slowly so we have a chance to beach him. After 50 minutes of fight, my brother beaches this pig: Cobia 61" fork length, 31" girth, 78lbs Hope the picture works... Devo
  13. I took my boys down for a quick day trip to AI on Saturday. Left at 3:00 AM, arrived at HT for bait at 6:15, fishing south of BP by 7:30. Wow, lots of grass, my boys rigs were a constant battle, I found a spot that with a longish cast, I could avoid the sea grass for the most part. No Rocks on this trip, got two nice dogs (released) and numerous skates. I did see a woman and her partner drag in nice Rock just as we were driving North looking for a new spot. Great day to be out there, kids had a blast even though they didn't catch one this trip. We'll give it a try next weekend again.... Devo