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  1. Welcome to the board:icon_pidu:
  2. There's always a first and today was mine. Fished with Jamie and a guy we both met last week named Vinny at Damneck this morning/afternoon. Caught a bunch of small black drum, a bluefish and finally my first Red Drum...Actually, a Puppy Drum but still a first for me. First couple pics on the beach were with my camera phone and the other one is back at the house with a regular camera. Can't wait to do it again. Kept this guy to eat, but will more than likely release the future ones.
  3. Way to go!!! Congrats on the nice fish. Wish I could have attended the beach clean-up and the class but I had other obligations that I had to attend. I did join VCAN after reading your post yesterday morning when you mentioned the clean-up. I'll be fishing hard this week. Hope to see you out there!
  4. I went to Dam Neck early this morning to be greeted by a stiff N wind at about 15 kts..:disgust:Couple guys were already leaving. Figured I skip the hassle of unloading all my stuff and go home and wash the truck. Plan to hit it hard starting Monday at BB
  5. Call Dashiell's Half-Round Showroom, Inc. in Suffolk. They worked on my Abu reels for a decent price. The old guy there is pretty good with the reels and might be able to get the parts for you. 539-7854 1436 Holland Road Suffolk
  6. Actually, I don't think I'll be able to make it after all, I have something that came up and now more than likely won't fish till the late morning early afternoon:dontknow:....but definitely on Wednesday..... Heading to Great Bridge this evening for some spots.
  7. We call those hoop nets and used to catch Red Rock and Dungenesss Crab off a dock with those in Washington State. I left all mine back there. I guess that's the only way you're gonna get one of those bad boys up to the pier unless you walk him around to the beach.
  8. This is probably a dumb question, but since I've never fished off a pier before, how the heck do you get the fish from the water up to the pier? Do you have to use a hoop net????
  9. Too bad there were no Red Drums but at least you guys are catching fish. Took the wife and dog down to Sandbridge Saturday morning while you all were at Dam Neck and ended up with 1 pretty good size blue. Fished from 0630 till about 11am. What a great weather day! Nice sunrise and no wind. I'll be out with RACN Tuesday at Dam Neck. Hope to see you out there. I'm in the market for a another surf casting rod/reel if you know anyone who might have a deal on one.
  10. Nice to meet you Dixie! Had a great time out there even though I didn't catch any fish. Definitely have Drum fever now and really enjoy the challenge of surf fishing. Had such a good time I went out yesterday afternoon and bought one of those fancy handy dandy carts you and Jamie were sporting. Now all I need is a couple more rods with a little length on them and I'll be set. Hope to see out there again soon.