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  1. New/used. Box, tools, clamps.2009 X'mas gift. Fished. Caught a 41" sissy fish, eel'in.. drags were not even full. Very small boat rash and 1 very small scratch .. see pics. Looking to get a new Fin Nor Marquesa LD 30 $245.00 - includes shipping tothe lower 48,
  2. $175.00 local - VB/Hampton/Norfolk/ 757 area code $200.00 shipped to the lower 48 Reel is new. Rod has is new but has scratches on the butt. Rod has been fished.
  3. Never seen the water! Brand new IN BOX withe papers / clamps and tool. New 65lbs test Power Pro ( 300 yards ) and Carbontex Washer upgrade. The replaced drags are included! $165.00 shipped to continental US.
  4. Friday 9/4 - Lesner back-side..Threw lures for 2 1/2 hours... 1 dink flounder and a few MIA Gulp! tails. Tons and tons of bait. Fished the PM high.. gotta bring the machette and mosqito shell next time .. per the yak chatter.. the action was on the flats to the west of us. Saturday 9/5 - The Southside only produced (1) 23" pup, a few small pomps and a few blues. Beach was pretty flat. The "point" passed the 2nd walk over was washed over... Sunday 9/6 - Went across the CBBT and hit the Northside ,2 hrs before the top of the high. A little better. (3) blacks.. 18 / 26 / 30 and (3) yearlings - peelers .. 2 / 33 and 1 /32 - peanuts.. had a 16 inch flattie inhale a 10/0 Owner SSW and peeler... heard Saturday was better on the PM incoming.
  5. Reel + Cedros 6' rod + 6 speed jigs Reel is 8/10 appearance + 10/10 mechanical. Spooled with 80 lbs yello power pro and top shotted with 20lbs Big Game. Seperate : $145.00 local - $150.00 shipped Rod is 9/10 appearance ( small boat rash and has been fished ) and 10/10 mechanical 160g-325g. Its got some backbone. Seperate : $75.00 local - $85.00 shipped insured in PVC tube Lures range from 150g to 500g. I hope you can see the sizes in the pics. The 300g pink and the Chartreuse 300g lures has been jigged. The others have not been used. Seperate : $40.00 local- $45.00 shipped Combo: $250.00 - Shipped to the lower 48 states $225.00 - local PU ( <acronym title="Virginia">VA</acronym> Beach, Norfolk, P-Town, Hampton, Suffolk ) My loss is your gain.
  6. Purty wek Steve.. Looks like the water lilly's are still in bloom.. Will probably be out that side of the coast this weekend.
  7. sold. thanks!
  8. Steve, your messages got axed on the other board. I talk to ya later 2night
  9. What you got? Shoot me a text.
  10. Suppose to lay out this weekend. Got the mountain bike rigged with the lite tackle and ready to make an assualt. Will be out on both days.
  11. $120.00 Shipped to the lower 48
  12. no thanks...but I'd swap for another Saltist 20