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  1. Where's the best place to get fresh bait?
  2. Heading out for stripers in May can't wait!!
  3. Heading down to AI at the end of the week. Just wondering if the plovers shut the beach down?
  4. ok Thanks. Maybe I will see you out there.
  5. Heading down to AI from the 29th to the 8th. I have a maroon Ram with Jayco trailer. Its a dually with singles. I will be staying in the bull pen. If ya see me stop by and say hi. Hope there are some hungry toothy critters out there. Does anyoneknow how much beach is open?
  6. I yaked out into the bunker schools boiling on the surface to get them.
  7. Camped on AI from the 13th-20th. Managed to land 22 sharks, 2 of which were sharpnose, the rest sandbar and ducsky, with the biggest a little ove 6 foot to tip. Did lose 1 monster in the surf, I am gessing around 8ft to tip. Lots of spot and perch, 1 croker, couple blues, some pompano( if thats how you spell it?), and cast net some bunker. Had tons of fun just like every year. LEE.. i saw the whale
  8. Hey Andrew, sorry for the late response. I just got back and saw your post, Very informative. I set up something similar to that from the info gatheredon the other post. Didnt have any luck this weekend but I did get to see a seal with a pretty good hole in it. I printed this post out for future reference. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. ok I understand now. I will shorten up my leaders. Thanks a lot. What about the length from hook to sinker for drop shot style rigs for drums?
  10. Thanks for the input. Sorry I meant the bite leader i think. I made a leader of 80lb Fluro that is about 2ft long with a 7/0 circle hook. I am wondering if that will sit too far off the bottom.
  11. I am heading down to AI this weekend and I was wondering what length fluorocarbon leader you guys use for stripers? Thanks.
  12. So I just got a text message of a 9ft bull shark that was caught on July 1st off of assateague. Can anyone confirm this to be true or not true? Also, I will be sharkin this weekend so feel free to stop by if you see me ( white dodge w/Jayco camper).
  13. My buddy just picked up a Dusky on a live eel off the south beach on AI. I was wondering if a live eel would be better than a head? I will be on AI starting Friday morning for 10 days, white cummins with Jayco camper, stop by if anyone's parched and needs a beer. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a shark or two.
  14. I upgraded my 86 pick-up to a 02 dually and my ride with the camper to the beach is a lot safer. It would be nice if I didn't have to rip my outer tire off when I get there. Because I have yet to meet anyone who disagrees with me or even has a valid argument against duallys, is there a possibility to change that rule.
  15. I was wondering why you are not allowed to have dually's on the beach at assateague. Other beaches allow them and other reports I have read about them say how good they go in sand and they straddle the ruts instead of digging them deeper. Let me know what you guys think of this rule?