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  1. December 6, 2011 Inshore: While windy weather continues to blow around the Treasure Coast, the fishing has been great along the Indian River lately. Water temperatures continue to fall in the low to mid 60's and finding a few degrees of warmer water can add to your success this time of year. You can expect the winds to be there most days. Its been fun out there! Had several old friends out this past week along with some new ones to have some fun out on the water. We found a large variety of fish on most days to keep us busy. Most of our fishing has been in five to ten feet of water. As water temps continue to fall, we move to deeper water and fish drop offs, channel edges, docks and bridges. DOA Terror Eyz has been working great when fishing the deeper water along with live baits. We've found redfish, snook, trout and drum under the docks along with many other species. Bridges have held the same, plus grouper, sand perch and snapper. Our best bite has been on the incoming tides. Harbor Branch, Bear Point and Middle Cove has been good for the trout and redfish bite. Don't forget they are still out of season this month. Lot of last minute snook anglers are fishing the bridges and jetties for that slot fish. The bite has been good at night on the incoming tides. Live bait, feather jigs and Terror Eyz have all worked well. Remember that snook season will close December 15th. The inlet has been holding lots of mackerel. There are some good size fish in the turning basin that are willing to hit a shiny lure. The bluefish are moving into the river and should be feeding around the inlet now. Pompano are along the surf and the river. It's been hard to fish for them with all the winds, but they are out there. A few reports of flounder around the jetties means they should be moving in soon. It's been great fishing out there, so get out soon! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852 Some recent catches out on the river....
  2. November Fishing Forecast Inshore: Just as October proved to be a windy month, you can expect that November will also continue on that same windy note. We are in the middle of our winter transition and you can also count on cooler temperatures that will start the thermometer sliding when it comes to the water temps as well. The days will remain nice and warm, but the nights will become cooler this month. It’s time to change your fishing tactics out on the water. Trout will continue to be a target of many anglers. The trout bite will be good on the flats, but you must move to the deeper areas as the temperatures cool the water down. Look for them to be in three to six feet of water this month. My favorite lures are DOA shrimp or Deadly Combos when trout fishing. Don’t forget to fish the sand holes on the flats. Many are much deeper than the flat and you can expect some nice fish to be hiding in them while waiting for that easy meal to drift by. Harbor Branch is especially productive for me during this time of year as well as the Midway Road area. The pompano have already returned to the river and will be a favorite target for anglers. When fishing the surf, use sand fleas or clams and the same in the river. Don’t forget to try a Doc’s Goofy Jig for the pomps. Many are located when they skip behind the boat wake. Keep your eyes open for them. The snook bite will continue to be good, especially at night. The inlet, jetties, bridges and docks around the river will be holding snook. Lighted docks are very popular when night fishing. Live baits, Bait Busters and Terror Eyz are very popular for snook fishing. Don’t forget the spillways when the water is running over them. They can be another very productive area for snook. Redfish can be found hanging under mangroves during the day and will strike a DOA shrimp or CAL jerk bait. You might also find some hanging under some of the docks around the river. A gold spoon can be another good lure in winter for hooking up on a redfish. Docks and bridges will hold black drum, sheephead and the sand perch should also show up this month. Live or dead shrimp always works best on these fish. I love fishing docks this time of year. You just never know what might be lurking under one. I fish my lures from up tide of the dock, so that it will stay under the dock. You only have to twitch it and can fish it much longer that way. It’s always a challenge in getting a fish out from under one, but the excitement is well worth it. You should still find some flounder around on the sand flats of the inlet and river. The mackerel, bluefish and jacks will fill up the inlet this month. Most shiny lures will work on these predators. You can also find them hanging in the channels up around Harbor Branch. It might be windy out there…..but the fish will be feeding! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852
  3. October 3, 2011 Inshore: Another week of wonderful weather and great fishing action out on the Indian River! We should enjoy the same conditions the rest of the month! The river is full of mullet and the fish have been feeding heavily. Have fun and get out fishing soon! I had the privilege of fishing for the Michael Shield's Memorial Inshore Fishing Tournament again this year. It's a great event for a wonderful cause...The Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County. I had Eric and Alex Weider again this year on the boat. We had a fantastic time out on the river. Alex and Eric teamed up for a day of redfish and trout action. 7 year old, Alex, just missed the big redfish of the tournament by one inch! Already looking forward to next year. Joey, Steven and Nick joined my this week for an adventure on the river. After a morning of trout and a big jack for Nick, we went up on the flats to look for redfish. The guys weren't disappointed when we came up on a nice school of upper slot fish. Joey missed two reds and Steven landed two big fish to end a good day on the water. Joe and Barbara also were out with me on a day when a variety of fish were willing to cooperate. They had fun fishing both docks and the flats on another beautiful day on the Indian River. The trout bite has picked up this week. Most fish are in three to five feet of water and hitting on CAL jerk baits, DOA shrimp or live bait. Redfish schools are still cruising around the river in one to three feet of water. DOA shrimp, CAL grub tails or live bait has all worked in hooking up on some nice fish. The snook bite continues to be good at night around the jetties, docks and bridges of the area. Live bait, feather jigs, DOA Bait Buster or trolling a diving plug has all worked good for nighttime snook. We are catching more flounder this past week. It should continue to improve through this fall. Live bait, CAL jerk baits or DOA shrimp has all worked well. You can still find snapper and sheephead around the docks, bridges and channel edges this week. Live or dead shrimp are best. There has been some good tarpon, snook and jack action at night around the jetties as the schools of finger mullet move in with the tide. The turning basin and inlet has been flooded with blue runners, bluefish and jacks that are all feasting on the bait schools. It's been a productive month on the Indian River! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852 Fishing action from this week on the Indian River....
  4. September 4, 2011 Inshore: The fall mullet run is in full swing around the Treasure Coast this month. Schools of finger mullet continue to filter into the river around the inlets bringing lots of hungry fish to feed on them. It's a great time of year to fish the river, inlets and beaches of the area and find lots of action. Have some fun this month! Snook season opened September 1st and many eager anglers headed out to fish the jetties, bridges and docks around the river in search of that slot fish for dinner. Using live bait, feather jigs, Bait Busters and Terror Eyz can get you into some of the action. Fish slowly along the bottom and around the rocks for your best opportunities. Don't forget that top water lures at night or early mornings as well. You can bet a lot of anglers will be out this month. Trout and redfish action continues to be good around the area. Live bait, DOA shrimp and Deadly Combos are great when fishing for trout. Redfish are willing to take CAL grub tails, DOA shrimp or live bait on the flats. Most of the redfish have been in one to three feet of water and keeping the noise down is essential to get close enough to cast at schooling redfish. You can still find snapper along channel edges or around structure. There should also be flounder showing up as the mullet run continues this month. Try a DOA BFL lure around the mullet schools. It swims as good as any mullet and can entice a big fish when fishing the edges of the schools. You can find tarpon action around the inlets and jetties. Fishing at night in these areas will give you the best chance at hooking up with a top water lure, BFL lure or live bait. September starts the transition into fall and the temperatures will begin to get back to normal. Continue to watch for afternoon thunderstorms and have lots of fun fishing this month! September Fishing Forecast – Treasure Coast September is always an exciting month to fish along the Treasure Coast. Anglers eagerly await the arrival of the annual fall mullet run. The beaches and rivers will be filled with mullet and you can find lots of predators following the bait this month. Look for tarpon, snook, jacks, bluefish and many other species feeding on the mullet this month. Top water and suspending lures work fantastic in September. Try a DOA Baitbuster or Big Fish lure while fishing around the large schools of mullet. It's a great time of year to fish early mornings along the beach. The fish will be cornering the bait along the surf and action can be fun and exciting. Snook season opens again on September 1st. Anglers have been eagerly awaiting the chance at keeping a slot fish for dinner. A few things to keep in mind while you are anxiously getting ready for the start of the season are making sure your license and snook permit are not outdated. Know the slot size, which is 28” – 32” and a one fish per day limit. Check your rods, reels and fishing line. Don’t lose that keeper fish because of something that you could have avoided by a little preparation. Remember that there will be lots of anglers heading out the first several days of the season. Have fun and be safe! You will be able to find some redfish schools this month as they gather up to head out to the ocean. Look around the shallow sandy flats for them to be feeding. DOA shrimp or CAL jerk baits can coax them into biting. Trout will continue to bite around the usual flats like, Bear Point, Harbor Branch and Round Island. Deadly Combos fished on the edges of the bait schools will find some action with trout and other species. Snapper can be found along channel edges and around structure. Sheephead, drum and snapper can be caught on the catwalks of the bridges. Live or dead shrimp will find the fish. September Tip: Fish the bait schools! It's easy to spot the bait this time of year. If you don't find bait around your favorite fishing spot, you will most likely not find many fish there. Move around if you need to in order to find active bait. Fish love this time of year and they are out there gorging themselves on the bait in anticipation of the coming winter months. Early mornings can be exciting on the flats. You can find big fish in shallow water around the bait pods. It has been a long hot summer and finally temperatures will begin to mellow out and water temps will get back to normal. It's a great time of year to be fishing! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852
  5. August 8, 2011 Inshore: August lives up to its reputation of hot, humid weather with lots of rainy afternoons. It's been a hot month already and it is important to take precautions whenever you are on the water to keep yourself hydrated and protected from the sun's rays. It's been great fishing so far this month and should continue to produce good catches. Plan your trips early mornings or late evenings for your best chances at success. Trout and redfish have been the best bite this past week. Slowly working the shallow flats can find some nice size redfish feeding in a foot or two of water throughout the day. I fished one school in the middle of the morning in about two feet of water. DOA shrimp, CAL grub tails or live bait can get you hooked up on one of these upper slot reds. Trout continue to feed in shallow early and move out to deeper water as the sun warms up each day. Watch for the sand holes on the flats for your best opportunities. DOA shrimp continues to work well for trout. The watermelon/holo (425) and clear/holo (382) have worked best for us. Docks, bridges and channel edges have been producing snapper. Some nice size mangroves have been caught lately. Live or dead shrimp works well on these tasty guys. The surf has continued to hold whiting along with some jacks and bluefish that have been patrolling the edges of the beach. I had John, Kirk, Dan and Jenny out this past week. Jenny out fished everyone with a variety of fish. After catching redfish, trout and a variety of other fish, Jenny landed a big 24" trout to finish out her day on the river. I went to pickup my granddaughter, Chloe, for a day on the river with grandpa, but she felt sick so I missed out on a fun trip with her. I did fish a school of reds that were all in the upper slot size. The inlet has been full of glass minnows and you can be assured that ladyfish, blue runners, mackerel and a host of others are out there feeding on them. It's lots of fun, especially if you have kids aboard. Dan and Jenny spent some time battling fish after fish. We had a fun week out there! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852 Jenny with her big trout....
  6. September 11, 2009 INSHORE: The annual fall mullet run has officially began around the Treasure Coast. Eager anglers have been hitting the inlets, beaches and river in anticipation of catching one of the big fish that will be feeding on the finger mullet. Tarpon, snook, jacks and many other species will be cruising along the beaches or cornering bait around the inlet and seawalls. It's a fantastic time of year! Our week consisted of drifting the trout flats and skirting the many rain storms. Lots of rain this week has come early in the day, but you can fish north or south of the systems as they get blown in from the east. The result has been a great trout bite for the clients this week. Jim, Jim Jr. and John had lots of fun with the trout and snapper. Sandy, Lindy and Debbie just as much fun drifting the flats and catching trout after trout. Most were in the 15 - 22 inch range and they did lose a few bigger fish. If you just want to get out and have some fun catching a lot of fish.....head out to some of the trout flats. Live shrimp, pigfish and the Deadly Combo provided them with an action packed day on the water. The usual trout flats up and down the river have provided us with hours of fun! The nighttime snook bite has been incredible in talking to some of the snook anglers this week. With all the mullet coming into the river, the snook are crashing bait all through the inlet. The hardest part of fishing for them has been finding spots that aren't overcrowded with people. Top water, diving plugs and feather jigs along with live bait have kept anglers busy on the moving tides. Redfish schools are still active on the flats, but with the higher tides this week it has been harder to spot them in the shallows. Lots of snapper are still being caught on the bridges and channel edges of the river. Live or dead shrimp are working very well. Beaches will be very active, but right now the seaweed has been hindering the anglers. Look for the action on the flats to take off as the schools of finger mullet fill the river and bring in the predators. It's a fantastic time of year! Tip of the Week: We have done a lot of trout fishing the past couple weeks. An easy way to find the trout is to drift the flats. Anchoring will restrict the area you are fishing and the trout may be feeding just beyond your cast. I always start upwind of the area that I intend to fish. It's been a slow drift lately and that gives you a much greater area to fish. If you start catching trout, then anchor up and fish it more thoroughly. Sandy, Lindy and Debbie all found this out as we were drifting and all of a sudden all three ladies were on fish at the same time. Drifting in a zig-zag pattern can cover an entire flat and give you the greatest opportunity of catching fish. Drift with the wind or tide, angle back to start another drift above or below your last drift. It works! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe. Trout for dinner!
  7. September 2, 2009 INSHORE: Snook season opened with the usual anticipation of many anglers of catching that first slot fish on opening day. A number of midnight excursions had been planned and with lots of hope for success. We did manage a slot snook of 28", but that was this past Sunday and was released to battle another day. Afternoon thunderstorms have kept anglers off the water late in the day, but mornings have been fantastic and so has the fishing! Tom Hull and Tom, Jr. were down to seek out some adventure and fun. Tom Jr. caught his 28" snook just as the first light was easing over the eastern sky. A quick release and we headed north to find some sea trout. Both dad and son caught a number of nice trout along with the usual jacks and ladyfish to fill out the morning. Lots of bait fish around the river have kept trout feeding around the edges of the bait pods. Live shrimp, DOA CAL jerk baits and top water lures can sure help you find the action on the flats this time of year. As the morning neared an end, we decided to look for some redfish to end the day. Tom Hull and Tom Jr. with a few of their fishing rewards. Redfish have been schooling in good numbers on the shallow flats. Trolling motors will most likely scare them off before you can get close enough to cast. I poled the guys onto one of the flats and we began to look for signs of redfish action. Bait being chased and a few submarine wakes told me that we had some reds around the boat. As I continued to pole the boat further onto the flat, we could see big tails of reds feeding in the shallows. We don't often find tailing reds in the area, but this was a treat for both Tom and Tom, Jr. A number of casts ahead of the feeding fish soon found Tom Jr. hooked up on a nice Fort Pierce red. Using 6 pound line on his light tackle, he was in for a battle. Thinking any minute he might get broke off, the fish fought gallantly all the way to the boat. A beautiful 30" redfish eased up beside the boat for a quick photo and release. It was the end of their morning and we decided not to disturb the school anymore and left them for another day. We had a family day this week. My wife, Eva, daughter, Dena, and grandaughter, Chloe, joined me at the ramp for a boat ride and quick fishing adventure for four year old, Chloe. It was hot out, but Chloe caught a little pigfish to bend her rod before we headed back home. A grandpa and granddaughter adventure! Snapper, black drum and sheephead are around the bridges. Lots of snapper are along the channel edges. Lots of good areas north of Fort Pierce have graced many a table with a delicious snapper menu. Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and the Moorings have held some nice keeper trout. Snook fishing around the inlet and bridges will keep many anglers busy targeting a slot size fish this month. Tip of the Week: I always get excited to find redfish schools around the river. Finding tailing fish gets your blood pumping. Working a flat quietly and slowly can help you find more success. Trolling motors can easily scare the fish in the shallows. If you don't have a way to pole your boat, try getting set up for a slow drift across a flat. The less noise and movement you can make, the better your odds of finding fish. With the calm morning winds, spend some time watching and reading the water. Fish don't always make movements to give themselves away. Some very slight swirl or wake might be that trophy fish. Take your time and have some fun on the flats! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters - Port St Lucie Fishing Charters - Fort Pierce Fishing Charters - Florida Fishing Charters - Treasure Coast Fishing - Vero Beach Fishing Charters Charters - Jensen Beach Fishing Charters - Stuart Fishing Charters email: 772-284-3852
  8. August 27, 2009 INSHORE: We have enjoyed some great weather this week. Afternoon rain has continued around the Treasure Coast, but mornings have provided good conditions for fishing. The wind picked up most days, but that has been a blessing to temper down the heat. It has been fun being on the water. I had a very special charter this week. Seven year old, Justice Rodriguez, with his mom, Eufrasia and Grandma Lil joined me and my wife, Eva for a boat ride on the river. Justice had never been on a boat before and this was an honor for me to show him around the river. Justice was diagnosed with Autism when he was 15 months old. With the love and help from many people, Justice enjoys a lot of activities and has made great strides since those early days when he was first diagnosed. It was a fun day out on the water. Justice was excited about being in a boat for the first time. It was evident by his smile when we first got up on plane. We ran around the river and even let him practice fishing for a while. When he comes back to Florida again, we will make a fishing trip for sure. As soon as we got back, he decided that he wanted to go to boating school next. Redfish are up on the flats in the shallow water. I found schools up to twenty strong and many lurking along the mangroves this week. The water was pretty clean. Fish around the schools of mullet. I found a number of reds that were cruising along with the mullet. DOA CAL jerk baits or grub tails are good choices in root beer colors. Move slowly and keep quiet or you will scare them off before you realize. I spent some time just drifting and there were some swimming around the boat that never knew I was there. Trout fishing on the grass flats will be best in the early part of the day. Fish two to five feet of water and you should find some nice trout out there. Live shrimp or Deadly Combos are the best way to get some action. Top water at first light can also get you hooked up. Snapper continue to be plentiful around the river. Most of the nicer size are around the channel edges and bridges of the river. I found a dinner size flounder hanging around one of the docks that couldn't resist a DOA TerrorEyz. Snook season opens Tuesday. It's a good time to check your license and snook permit to make sure they are current. Remember that fishing from land now requires you to have a license and snook permit as well. It's one of those times of year that taking the chance isn't worth the fines involved. The jetties and docks will be the best choice for hooking a slot snook along with the inlet area. Live bait, TerrorEyz or feather jigs are all good ways to get started. If the spillways are still running, you can bet it will be crowded next week. Tip of the Week: This week, I am letting Justice's mom tell you about his adventure on the water this week. It was a pleasure for me to see his smile and joy on his first boat ride. "This was Justice's first fishing trip. Captain Charlie let him feel right at home. First by providing him with a life jacket, and then by showing him the beautiful Florida seascapes. He was able to see fish jumping out of the water. He especially loved feeling the wind in his hair as we cruised around on the boat. Fishing was an additional treat. Even though he didn't catch anything Captain Charlie kept him enthralled with the casting and the quick, quick, slow of reeling the line back in. I think that Justice believed he caught the little shrimp on the line he was using for bait. If you have an autistic child and would like to trying fishing, Justice 4 Autism highly recommends Captain Charlie's Fish Tale Charters. It is not a huge party fishing boat which can be overwhelming for a child on the spectrum. Also you will have a personal experience that is sure to please every fisherman." Justice on his adventure and a couple of this weeks catches. As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe,
  9. August 12, 2009 INSHORE: The Treasure Coast has once again enjoyed beautiful....but HOT weather this week. We have stuck with our plans of leaving at 6 am so we can get back off the water before the afternoon heat and rain arrive. It has worked in our favor and we have enjoyed lots of fantastic fishing on the river. As long as the bait schools are on the flats, the fish will continue to feed. Trout and snapper are still the bulk of our catch. Top water lures early are still producing lots of fish. Live shrimp on DOA popping corks continue to keep you busy reeling in fish. Add a DOA shrimp to that popping cork and you have a great way to target good size trout. Work it aggressively and you will find the fish. DOA CAL jerk baits will work just as well. Watch for the bait schools and fish the edges for the best action. Lorenzo and sons, Eddie, Julian and Loren caught at least 75 fish on their adventure. Ranging from big trout, snapper, jacks to one big pompano for dinner. It was one of those days you keep hoping for. Joe Vennarini and brother, Charlie, also had lots of catching this week. We ended up the day with one huge school of jacks running through to hook up all lines on some great action. Bill Marino and Jessie were out with me and we once again had the fish cooperating. Jessie caught some of the bigger trout that day, but both had lots of rod bending action. Round Island, Harbor Branch and Queen's Cove have all held good amounts of trout. Steve Brigham reported catching a 32" trout this week while fishing some of the docks in the area. He was using an artificial shrimp. It sure has been a fun week out on the water! Snook around the jetties can still find anglers fishing for them. Snapper are just about anywhere you choose to fish. Tarpon have been in the deeper waters of the inlet, Harbor Branch and the Moorings. I intend to try the new DOA BFL 5.5 out on them later in the week. Action has been excellent, so get out fishing soon! Tip of the Week: Reel care is an important, but often forgotten part of fishing. Making sure the gears are greased and bearings lubed can insure a longer life to any reel. Many problems with reel failure will relate to lack of proper care. Keeping drag washers in good condition is just another part of reel maintenance. Some reels have easy access to gears and make it simple to maintain them. Local tackle shops generally have a reel repair service to either clean and grease or repair many reels. Take a little time to give a some attention to your reels and they will give you many more fishing adventures. As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner email: 772-284-3852 Fishing fun on the Indian River this week!
  10. June 3, 2009 INSHORE: There is something about the arrival of summer fishing that I look forward to each year. Calm waters and lots of bait around the river has the fish in the mood to eat. It makes for great days fishing around the Treasure Coast and provides a variety of ways to fish the river. It's great to live and fish here! I had the pleasure of having Frank and Rick on the boat this week. Frank was celebrating his 50th birthday and the fish were cooperating to make it a wonderful time. They boated 5 reds, which a couple were oversize, and a dozen nice trout up to 24" on the flats. Happy Birthday Frank! Richie and JoAnn were back for another adventure on the river this week as well. The weather again cooperated and gave us a chance to fish some areas that have been producing some nice fish. They teamed up to boat 6 reds up to 29" and lost a few more in the process. We moved over to the other side of the river and boated a dozen trout up to 22" that day. There were also the usual jacks and ladyfish to add to a fun day of fishing. JoAnn and I were careful to keep Richie dry this year...... Trout continue to hang along the flats, especially the edges, in two to four feet of water. Live shrimp or DOA Deadly Combos are our first choice for some nice trout. Queen's Cove and Harbor Branch have been our best flats of late. Redfish are showing up in the mood to feed and it's the time of year that I really enjoy. I look for flats that have lots of sandy areas along with some grass. They are shallow now so keep the noise down in the boat. Snook fishing has slowed down quite a bit since the season closed. It's catch and release until September. Snapper have been showing up on the channel edges. You can have some fun with all the ladyfish and jacks around the river. The catwalks have been pretty quiet for now, but sheephead are still around the piliings. The river to the north of Fort Pierce has been more on the cloudy side this week, but the flats to the south have held up very well and most are pretty clean and clear right now. Tip of the Week: It's that time of year to break out the fish traps and catch a load of pig or pinfish. Trout, reds and snook all love them. They are just the right size to use with a popping cork and can produce some good size fish. You can find lots of baitfish around the river right now, so get out and have some fun! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe,
  11. May 28, 2009 Aside from the usual rainy weather we have had lately, the mornings have provided some great fishing opportunities for anglers throughout the Treasure Coast. As the close of snook season fast approaches, you can find lots of fishermen out trying for that last chance at a slot snook. It has been a fantastic week for fishing around the area. The redfish bite picked up this week with some nice sized fish being taken on the flats. Mike Lasorik and his dad joined me again this year and enjoyed a day catching four redfish up to 28 1/2 inches along with some trout and jacks around the river. Wayne Foisy was out with me also this week and caught his first redfish that also measured 28 1/2 inches. Live bait or DOA TerrorEyz have worked well on redfish. We also boated snook, jacks and a nice flounder that also were fooled by the reliable TerrorEyz. Bob Bergen phoned me just after he had lost one of the biggest reds that he has seen on the flats here. It's been a good week! The snook bite has been fantastic around the spillways. They have been crowded with anglers and lots of oversize fish are being caught. DOA TerrorEyz and live bait are very popular right now. Snook season closes May 31st, so time is running short for catching a keeper fish. Trout are still being caught around the flats. Harbor Branch, Round Island and the Power Plant have been good areas to target. DOA Deadly Combos continue to put trout in the boat. Lots of dolphin are still being taken anywhere from 150' out. Many big fish are being reported by almost anyone out trolling ballyhoo. May has turned out to give us some fantastic fishing adventures and it should only get better as the weather cooperates. Have some fun and get out fishing! Tip of the Week: The water has remained quite clean on the flats, even with all the rain. Clear water provides fish with much better vision and they can become skittish in these conditions. Keeping things quiet can increase your chances on the flats. Fish in shallow water are already nervous about being there and they run for deeper water at the first sign of anything out of the norm. Keep the noise down and you can improve your catches on the flats. As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Wayne Foisy with his first redfish - 28.5 inches and having some fun on the river. Mike Lasorik with his 28.5 inch redfish and dad with a jack.
  12. May 14, 2009 INSHORE: Wonderful weather has prevailed over the Treasure Coast this week, providing some warm, sunny days to enjoy being on the water. The fish have been hungry after the full moon and we had lots of fun out there on the Indian River. It's a great time of year to go fishing.....or just enjoy the outdoors! The trout bite slowed a little for us this week, but the snook were feeding on the flats and we had several productive days once the full moon waned. Todd Dziak and his girlfriend, Lauren, were out with me on one of those fun, fast action days. Jacks are still cruising the river and we found several bruisers to strip some line off the reels. Todd began his day with a nice Spanish mackerel on a top water lure. The snook took over once the sun came up and we caught some nice shorts up to 26", but Lauren topped off the day with a 28 1/2" slot on light tackle while fishing the flats. Find the bait schools and you should find the predators lurking along the edges....... The inlet was full of ladyfish and pompano this week. Both Lauren and Todd had lots of fun catching one after another of either ladyfish or pompano. The surf has been holding whiting and some pompano this week. Bridges are yielding sheephead, snapper and some black drum. Look for fishing to improve as the week continues and things get back to normal. The water was cool with the recent upwelling, but the fish will be out there for the taking. Docks continue to be productive with snook, jacks and redfish hanging around those areas. It's a great time to fish the Indian River! Tip of the Week: Lots of bait schools are around the inlet and river this time of year. If you want to find the fish....find the bait schools and they will be nearby. Bait usually hang around shallow areas when they can. Fish will be hanging around the edges of the flats or in deep sand holes waiting for the tides to bring the food to them. Early mornings are great times to try top water lures around the bait schools. You never know what might just be around the bait. It's a fun time of year out there. As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Lauren catching and releasing her snook. Todd with his snook and Keith with a snook caught on the Indian River flats.....
  13. May 1, 2009 INSHORE: April turned out to be one of the windiest months I can remember. We had some calm days, but most of the time it blew unending day after day. This week was no exception. I finally was able to get out with Mark Amorello for a fun day with a good friend. Even though the winds continued to blow, we had a good day on the water. The bait schools are thick around the river and that means lots of the predator fish are out there feeding. The coming weekend promises to be a great chance to enjoy fishing, both inshore and offshore! Trout have remained the best fishing opportunity out there. There are plenty of grass flats that have been fishable. Two to four feet of water can find you some action. Some big trout are out there along with many schoolies. Popping corks or DOA CAL jerk baits have proved to be very successful on the flats. There will be lots of boats out there this weekend. Most of the river was to rough to fish lately and many of the docks that I enjoy fishing were out of the question. Redfish are out there in the shallows and you can find some when it calms down. Snook fishing should be good this weekend around the inlet and docks. Live baits have worked best recently along with jigs. The fishing has been good. It has just been difficult to fish many of the favorite areas of the river. We found some big snook hiding in the sand holes out there this week. Jack-Attack is on around the river now. Big jacks have invaded the area and you can find some tackle busters around the inlet, docks and cruising the flats. We have had some fun catches and blistering runs from some of the bigger jacks. Live bait has been working best on the big jacks. If you happen on some of them busting up the bait schools, toss a top water into the frenzy and you will most likely get hit. Bridges have been a little on the quiet side, with mostly sheep head and some black drum on the catch list. The surf has been very quiet with all the easterly winds, but there are still whiting out there for the taking. Tip of the Week: The manatee zone in the Fort Pierce inlet has been shifted to summer rules. That allows boaters to use the ICW channel at 30 mph during the summer months. Keep it safe as all inlets have lots of boat traffic, especially on weekends. Just because you can go fast through an inlet, doesn't always make it safe for everyone. Fun and relaxation is usually number one on most anglers list for heading off on the water. Observe boating regulations and, above all, be aware of boaters around you. Let's all have a fun, relaxing and SAFE summer on the Treasure Coast! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Jack Attack on the Treasure Coast! Good Fishing and Be Safe,
  14. April 16, 2009 INSHORE: Wonderful spring weather has provided us with some great adventures on the water this week and many more to come as the winds finally begin to slow down. We had some fun fishing on the Indian River and caught a variety of species. I had the pleasure to have some friends back on the boat and some new anglers to share the fishing experience. Tom, Josh and Kyle Lukat were back for a fishing adventure. Chris, Tina, Kristina and Garrett Helseth came out for their first trip with me this week. Tom Hull was back down from Melbourne for some action as well. It was a fun week on the water! Trout have continued to bite on the flats. We caught our share on both live shrimp and DOA Deadly Combos. Five year old Kristina caught her very first fish, which was a 20" trout, all by herself. There has been lots of bait around the river and if you fish around the bait schools, you should find some fish there. The water has been very clear in spite of the windy weather lately. Fish the sand holes around the grass flats and you should find some action. Snook fishing has been good around the jetties, docks and bridges this week. Live bait has worked quite well. Both Kyle and Josh caught snook early in the morning around some of the docks. Tom found a big ocean jack while fishing for snook around the sea walls. Redfish had been slower, but we managed two slots around the docks. Look for things to keep improving as the reds begin to school up this month. The inlet has been teaming with ladyfish, mackerel and blue runners. Live bait or shiny lures will get you in on some of the action. There have been some nice size macs this week. The catwalks have held sheephead, black drum and some snapper. The beaches were pretty quiet most of the week, but you can still find some whiting, pompano and bluefish around the surf. Tip of the Week: Many of the fish that have been feeding around the river this week have lots of teeth. It's easy to get bit off and you should be checking your leader each time you get a fish or get a bite. I tie on about a three foot leader to start each day and usually tie on another at some point as we fish. Making sure your leader is fresh can be the difference between catching and losing a fish. As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Tina, Kristina and Garrett Helseth having fun with the family on the water. Kristina and Garrett with their first fish Kyle and Josh Lukat showing off their snook and redfish.
  15. April 11, 2009 INSHORE: What turned out to be a real topsy-turvy week of weather, we enjoyed some great fishing action along the Indian River. It seemed that we had just about everything but snow this week. Once this last cold front passed, the winds died down and the sun came out to warm up the Treasure Coast. We had some fantastic days of fishing. Trout continues to be the staple on the flats. Lots of trout in two to five feet of water. Mike and Delia Bove' caught their share of trout as did Tom Hull. We used live shrimp part of the time and DOA Deadly Combos most of the time. There are some nice trout out there this time of year along with a lot of schoolies to keep you busy. Harbor Branch and Round Island has been hot spots for trout lately. We caught some nice snook around some of the docks in Fort Pierce. Most were just below slot size, but gave us a battle to keep them out of the pilings. Mike, Delia and Tom all caught snook. Snook fishing has been good for night anglers using live bait or jigs around the inlet area. Redfish were a little quiet this week, but they are in the shallows and waiting for the water to warm back up after this latest Arctic front. It has been a good week of fishing! Mike ended his day by catching a nice 17" tripletail in the Fort Pierce inlet. We found Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks and ladyfish around the inlet. Live shrimp or shiny spoons and jigs have worked well for us. Bridges have held sheephead, black drum and snapper. The beach still has pompano and whiting cruising the surf. You can also find some jacks and bluefish, too. Spring has finally arrived. Tip of the Week: Popping corks are a great way to target sea trout. Live shrimp is the normal bait of choice when fishing this way. Want to try something different and effective? Tie on a DOA shrimp instead and work it a little harder than the usual live stuff. You will be surprised at the results. Snook will also readily strike at this combination. It's a great way to fish when you run out of live bait. Try it sometime and you might just get hooked on artificials! As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!! Good Fishing and Be Safe, Captain Charlie Conner email: 772-284-3852 A couple of this weeks catches on the Indian River....