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  1. I have a cheeper version of BPS 15'er. My suggestion is to practice in a "safe" location. I never had a problem casting any surf outfit till I got this baby. I have the same reel, and a "Breakaway Cannon" w/40lb braid, I can throw 6-8oz 400-500yd no problem. I hit a couple pontoons & docks while practicing @ the river, ended up out in the the boat, in the middle of the river, alone, till I could practice enough to feel confident as to how far and which direction I was casting. Now I can throw 8 & bait over the bar, no problem.
  2. :blob1: Leaving today 4 the week, will b fishen both sides :glasses2: One buddy has tk & beach pass & were taken a 30' pontoon to the bayside. Never boated in Barnegate Bay, will b an experience i'm sure