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  1. Looking to try my luck for the first time this year...the first of next week...after this full moon.
  2. I'm right there with ya Finaddict. I can't wait for Daytona and Speedweeks. There was coverage on the Speed channel just last night. So be it, racin just ain't been the same since that race. Come lap 3, I'll be holdin 3 in the air, yellin "Come on Jr!"
  3. WTG CDog! 7 days of fishing with nothing to show for it, until day #8! Way to stick it out! Reds can sure test your patience, that's for sure! The Elusive Red.
  4. A cobia from a yak would be like puttin a 50hp on the back! HOLD ON!! That sounds like a blast!!
  5. Won't be much longer before jaws shows up....., got the fork and knife ready!! Yum! Way to go on the spearfishin!!
  6. Fished Saturday as well. Took the family out and enjoyed the day. Sweet beach weather with the exception of a few flys here and there. Fish report...a couple kingfish, small sharks, and a buddy caught a nice size ray. Not bad all in least i was there.
  7. Congrats to all that are catchin! Hopefully its just a matter of time for the rest of us...even though there ain't much time left! for Reds anyway....