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  1. I packed lite for this trip headed for the Northwest River around 3:30pm picked up some small minnoes (sp) for bait took my lite spinner reel combo & my baitcasting combo and headed for the railroad tracks near by and casted out of awhile and nothing , So I headed back to the fishing piers on the other side of the tracks and casted from there and sure enough landed my first 9 inch crappie WAHOOOO:blob1:!!!! Released him of course giving him a kiss first that's the rules you know... Then casted out some more and boy did I get tired fast. BAMB a fish on every cast all yellow perch 15 in all plus+ the crappie make 16 fish total. Not a bad day at all a little windy and cloudy and catching fish all released to grow big and fight another day besides my freezer is packed full of yellow perch , spadefish, and deer meat right now so I've got alot of cooking to do LOL!!!!! :tongue::eusa_drool: Had to leave around 6pm to pick up my daughter and spend some time with her maybe next time I'll take her down there I know she'll have tons of fun catching fish. Sorry I missed out on your fishing trip to HOPEWELL... Jamie maybe next time I hear you caught some nice 30lbs+ catfish there maybe it will be my turn to landed a 40+lbs catfish we will see. Caught you later dude CYA!!! Great White Shark :glasses2:,OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER
  2. Nice haul there Jamie & Andy.. I see the Stripers are still around putting up some action maybe next time I'll be the HO to GO LOL:lol:!!!! Time for you guy did the victory dance :eusa_dance::eusa_dance:!!!! Great pics. 2 !! Hey Jamie I know it was a surprizing to see the coast guard just POP up out of know were:oops:. I guess they tough you were going to keep those fish which we all know there out of season still glad they were C&R ,and we all know you keep your boat in tip top shape any who... fantastic haul that deserse this: the Pirate for stealing the show & hauling in nice fish WTG guys:eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap: Catch you later Jamie will chat later !!! Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER I'm gone fishing :fish:you know where to find ME:glasses2:!!!
  3. Hey Dixie., Jamie didn't have to teach me man. I had the cleaning part down pack I learn from my old man [DAD] he taught me everything I need to know. All the yellow perch were scaled, deheaded, and all guts taking out . Did manage to extract 3 good size fish eggs sacks out of 3 fish good for frying with the rest of the fish yummy:D. Me and Jamie never fish there before , but I've seen that river a million times, and now being a rookie there as you can see not a bad haul. I saw Jamie start off with 3 or 4 crappies , then we headed up river and started catching yellow perch so many I lost count LOL.. Hey Jamie next time I have a little $$$$ we can try going there again maybe catch some more perch, crappie, catfish, or even a few largemouth BASS. I had tons of fun Jamie chat with you later :cya:good luck on the Lucky Dog today... Now I'm relaxing at home before the BIG GAME time to ,, , and see who WINS the SUPERBOWL:eusa_dance:!!!! Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER I'm gone fishing you know where to find me:glasses2:!!!
  4. :lol:LOL!!!! What a funny story dog I loved it ( do you have a name for your boat??? Not Yet !!!!) Good one. WOW nice boat Jamie & you catch a fish while out in it great job:icon_thumleft:!!! Maybe this weekend You & I will catch some stripers give me a call tomrrow to see what you have plan ok. Now you kick back & party like a ROCKSTAR!!!! CONGRADULATIONS Jamie :eusa_dance::eusa_dance:!! Chat with you later aligator. CYA!!!!! Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER
  5. I've been working really hard these past few weeks now I need to get out there before the Stripers are gone:crybaby2:. I'm going to Rudee to catch some bait fish then it's off to Chics Beach if anyone wants to come feel free to join me. I hope to see my friends out & about Jamie, Dixie, Bucket, Darrel you guys game give me a call to let me know???? Driving out this Saturday afternoon into the night , but first taking the family out in the morning 4 lunch at the mall & let my daughter see:icon_santa: then it's off :fish:fishing !!! HAPPY HOLIDAY EV1!!!! GREAT WHITE SHARK :glasses2: , OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER
  6. Way to go my brother (Jamie) those are some sweet cats:cat: you caught most of them had alot of meat on them yummy:tongue:. Sorry I got your 2 messages I just could get back with ya because I've been working 10-14 hours a day at work. I did leave you a message today on your cell phone around 3pm. Hope to hear from ya soon maybe we can do some fishing this weekend. I saw the pics. & it looks like you & your friend had a blast hauling in those fish I sure wish it was me.:eusa_pray: Maybe someday soon. Well chat with you later aligator!!!! :cya:LET'S HERE IT FOR JAMIE :eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap:!!!! GREAT WHITE SHARK ,OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER
  7. Great job Dixie & Bucket we all have to get together some time and rake in this sweet fishies. Thanks for the comment of my Striper had him for dinner tonight and the rest of the family it. They are good & yummy !!! give me a call some time ok ... Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!! VCAN (Virginia Coastal Access Now) MEMBER
  8. I own one myself it's on my 12 foot Tica which I've been doing quite well with it . Still practicing with it when I get a chance fishing on shore that's one thing you have to do is practice at it if you're going to master casting from shore. The biggest thrill is watching it fly waaaaaay out, and also landing & fighting a BIG fish !!!!! I've seen Red Drum, Stripers, and even Sharks brough onto shore by some great friends of mine who are still teaching me everything I need to know about this. All I have to say to them is: T-H-A-N-K- Y-O-U G-U-Y-S :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: Now let's get out there & get our lines wet... Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN (Virginia Coastal Access Now) MEMBER
  9. I really appeciated my brother for that I have two other pics. that you can check out on myspace & leave comments if you want. I have that one as my main pic there now. Can't wait for both of us to go out there and round up some more Stripers. I left there around 6:30pm had to head home to fix dinner we will be having Striper for dinner some time this week yummy:D!!! Now it's timed to party :eusa_dance:& have a :icon_pidu:2 celebrate the mighty Great White Shark brought in a Striper Wahoooo!!!!:blob1: Chat with later aligator. Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER
  10. SORRY:frown:!!!! Can't post the pics. of the 18 1/2 inch Striper I caught last night out @ Chicks Beach some guys including myself catch quite a bit of those sweet rockfish. Me only caught one , but the website here only allows pic to be a certain size and mine were too BIG to post so I'm leaving them at my profile is: . You can go there and leave comments. Sorry Jamie and everybody. If ou like you can leave you e-mail address here and I can send ya the pics. Chat with yall later CYA!!!! Great White Shark :glasses2:,OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER
  11. Very nice kitty's my brother and WOW!!!! that's one great CAT @ 47 pounds good job:icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft:!!!! You well know about my Striper I caught tonight it was 18 & 1/2 inches looooong and has got enough meat yummy:D to feed my family. Had a great time out there fishing was great now doing a little dance:eusa_dance: caught me a keeper Striper will post pic. soon. We'll have to go together and nail some more Jamie hagn chat with ya later. Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER
  12. Been working my a$$ off at work now I need to get my lines wet. If anyone is fishing let me know I'll join ya !!! Let's do some :fish::fish:fishing!!! Jamie, Dixie, Bucket, Darrel you guys game I am :blob1:!!!!! Great White Shark :glasses2: OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER
  13. Great job Dixie !!! Sorry we missed all the pullage Me and Q left. I had to go home and fry up some fish & rice for the family, But would like to do that again hopefully catching some Red drum. I did managed to catch 7 small black drum on some shrimp fishbites which Jamie tagged them and I released them. And 1 bluefish on a piece of spot maybe we all can get together and try again next weekend. Maybe I can landed one of those Sandbar sharks for some pullage unless it becomes a keeper., But really wanting to get a citation Red Drum. Damneck is a HOT spot to do some fishing in my book. Maybe I'll try my luck at night to see what is biting out there someday. Catch ya later Dixie good luck fishin were you are. Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER
  14. I left home around 8:30am headed for Rudee to catch some more spots for bait. I stay there for 3 hours landed 3 spots & some pigfish which the pigfish I released them back. Called Jamie to see if we could go to Damneck, but he was waiting for his truck so I called Rory & Q to see if I could get a ride which I did around noon. We were off to do some casting off the shores of Damneck to catch some Red Drum after an hour I landed a 1 1/2 foot bluefish. Then Q landed a bluefish. Rory & MaryJo wasn't able to join us ( bummer). So they headed down to Sandbridge to try there luck. Around 2pm Jamie showed up so all three of us tryed our luck to catch some REDS., But me & Jamie were catching small black drum most of the day Jamie also caught 3 bluefish, and Q caught a speckled trout after awhile it was 6:30pm and no REDS., But not a bad day headed home to cook up some fish & rice for the family told Jamie good luck & if you want too know more "click" on to Dixie's report on Damneck to find out???? All together fish that was caught between the three of us were: (5) bluefish, (12) small black drum, (1) spot, and (1) speckled trout!!!!:icon_thumleft: Like I said not a bad day fishing got to do it again real soon. Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!! VCAN MEMBER
  15. I got off work at lunch time 12:30pm headed out to Rudee got there around 1pm tossed out a line on my light tackle rod using real bloodworms for bait it was slow at first, but with in one hour the spots were biting also the pigfish were too. I had 5 spots to start threw all the pigfish back because they were small I had caught 15 pigfish all afternoon. , but I was after spots had 5 more around 3pm , but had to go to Bruce's tackle shop for more bait went back to Rudee at 3:45pm an within the next few hours landed a few more spot left there with 15 good size spots not a bad day. Now got alot of fish to fry for Sunday LOL:lol:!!! I heard you had a good charter trip Jamie sorry I missed ya out fishing today maybe we can get together for some fishing another day give me a call later. Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!! VCAN MEMBER