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  1. Yikes! Dang halfzheimers. Thanks for letting me know ringer. I suspect the daily high temperatures have fried my brain, I'm exhausted. It's all good!
  2. Ye Ole Pirate has been out on the blue waters of NE Florida and SE Georgia slamming the heck out of the grouper, snapper, trigger fish, flounder and cobia and it has left very little time for writing in this blog. I missed the entire month of July.
  3. Crazy weather! I'm going to a boat show tomorrow (brrrrrr). I have penciled in sand at low tide to go fishing on Sundae (weather and seas permitting), iffn it warms up (me, being the delicate hot house flower I am) Our Crazy Local Weather Forecast: ...Hard freeze warning now in effect from 9 PM this evening to 9 am EST Friday... ...Freeze watch remains in effect from late Friday night through Saturday morning... The hard freeze warning is now in effect from 9 PM this evening to 9 am EST Friday. A freeze watch remains in effect from late Friday night through Saturday morning. Tonight...another hard freeze event is expected with minimum temperatures bottoming out in the 15 to 20 degree range inland and in the 20 to 25 degree range along the coast and St Johns River basin. Long durations of 10 to 14 hours below freezing expected inland and 7 to 11 hours along the coast. Friday night...another freeze event is expected with minimum temperatures bottoming out in the upper 20s to lower 30s inland and generally mid 30s along the coast and St Johns River basin. Durations of 2 to 6 hours below freezing expected inland and 2 hours or less along the coast. Widespread frost is expected as well. A-yep, this is for upstate Floriduh!
  4. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....there lived this young Jedi fisherman. He teamed up this past spring with Obi-Wan Kenobi to search for Drum Vader off of St. Mary's Inlet (north end of Amelia Island, FL) on Obi's Renken. The day was short, only two hours into this quest Drum Vadar struck the half crab and the battle began. Drum Vader launched a valiant battle but he was no match for our hero's light sabre technique and #2 hook. The closer Dreams Float Joe got him to the ship, the harder Vader would pull. Vader intended on pulling poor Dreams down into the deep trenches of his cold, dark world but DF Joe would have none of it. The poor boy struggled with this nemises of the deep in full battle for 45 minutes. Without the help of Obi-Wan this battle would have been lost long before the capture. Dreams Float Joe was fighting fatigue and Vader was a massive, slippery opponent. It took both of them with all their collective strength to subdue Drum Vader. Drum Vader was hauled to justice and bought before the Galactic Filet Council. He were tasty! May the Force Be With Y'all, ..........
  5. ..... Me on the left with my 75 pound black drum fishie in the middle. My good friend Bob ~ The Music Man on the right. ..........
  6. Thanks for your report & thoughts Cpt. Only a few more weeks of dodge boat for ya! Happy to read the man overboard is ok. I'm sure his pride & ego took a huge hit from his friends! Good luck, Joe
  7. Two men were standing inside a restaurant on an extremely windy day. There was a woman outside sweeping the floor of the outdoor seating area. She was extremely small. And, on account of the wind, she was having a difficult time trying not to be blown away. When she came back inside the restaurant, the men started joking with her. One of them suggested that she put rocks in her pockets when she goes outside. The woman said, "You mean now I weigh me down to sweep?"<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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  10. Congratulations Jeff! Looks great and thanks for the pics. Enjoy your journey,
  11. Absolutely amazing. I'm in awe. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water ...
  13. Randy, Yahoo! ..........I received my thumbdingers today. Fits like a glove. Thank you, thank you very much. On my next off shore trip, hope to give this baby a workout field test. Randy, may you be blessed with all your heart desires and may all of your dreams come true. Wishing you oceans of love and prosperity! Remember, on a clear disk you can seek forever! gratefully, Joe