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  1. After getting through some health (and other ) issues those of you whom may have in the past seen my sky blue "mako22" in and around the <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym> inlet and the 3mi offshore expect to see me back this season! Have to put my USCG ticket on "continuence" until I get my sea time hours up for a full renewal so I wont be chartering even though I'll be sporting everything as if. Been absent from here also and hope to add to the info here and will post up for some "locals" to fish with me soon.Back to you after the first splash! Hope they get the <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym> harbour ramps done! 'good to be back! Capt."CL" Chris Ludlow Dilligaff Spoprtfishing
  2. PWF, congrats on your first boat! I never winterize my OB but make a point to run it at least monthly and keep the tank full of gas with the addition of "startron". Things around here change with the seasons (somewhat) but there is fishing "year round". You can spend a little or alot on gps, dethfinders, chart plotters etc but one thing you can't spend enough on (IMO) is safety equipment! A good handheld vhf and a fixed mount one on the vessel are a good start not to mention the pfds, throwable device, flare and first aid kit. So without me running on any longer think about not just hooking up but getting back! Enjoy your new rig!:cool:
  3. Clear'n Waves is corrrect streches work quite well but don't leave the dock without bucktails(double rigged my favorite) and my personal favorite is a big spoon down the middle waaaaaaaay back(minimum #19 tony).Since you are beginners I'll try and get you set uo here as best i can; the package on that the strectch comes in. it will tell you to drop it back 150ft.+ to get it to swim at the labeled depth. strectch 8, 20, 25 etc. indicates the depth it was designed and made to swim at. 2. Trolling rods,if you have'nt already invested.... Penn Senetors work just fine or the slammer series. I still have my Senetors from when I started chartering and still use them. You can upgrade as you progress or if you are a tackle junkie (like me) you will be buying rods and reels forever! 3. Speaking of reels, (and rods for that matter) buy the best your budget can fit in. Some Capts. will tell you only use this or that brand but now at 30+ rods and reels my setup is what you would call... eclectic! Again go for the best quality you can afford. Lots of bay troolers like the Penn GTI series. I don't own any but I'm sure you can get some feedback from others here. IN MY OPINION. if you are planning on a life of fishing Shimano TLD 15s set up on a matching rod will last a long time if cared for. You don't need roller guides on the rods and the trend is away from rollers somewhat. 4. Wire line would take a whole nother page!!! GTI levelwinds, Okumas, and shimanoTLDs with #30-#50 braided line with Mono or Florocarbon leaders to your lures will work. Just don't thumb that Braided line it will slice you up! 5. Find a well established tackle shop and tell them your plans most will be more than happy to help get you outfitted. 6.In line sinkers. You have to put the baits where the fish are. I can go on and on but there are tackle shops, books and occasionally a charter Capt or two will help you out! I hope I have.
  4. Just cut some conduit peices,i have got to lay my hands on a scale for weight comparisons but while in the welding lab i had another steel idea. 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" plate cut to a more areodynamic shape. I have the shop here at work to try and fab these up, it will take some time but I'm on it!
  5. Your right Steve but how areodynamic is a mullet(even properly rigged) or a slab of bunker? You could do a little "shop work" on the conduit peices and install a split ring to accomodate a swivel or a hole crimp your sinker line through and crimp a loop on the other end at varying lenghts. HELL, I'll make some up and field test them then get back to you!Should be good to go by the weekend!
  6. Add this to the discussion here, if the Regulatory agencies move to go to non-lead sinkers how about the lead heads for jigs and lures? we will be talking about this for a while.
  7. You guys are getting close to the old addage,"what weighs more? a ton of lead or a ton of feahters?" LOL:icon_wink::icon_wink: Surface area is one considerstion when you choise the style /shape of the sinker.How biodegradable is the steel you are using? What is the actual makeup of iron,nickel etc.? If all else failed would'nt a peice of half inch or three-quater inch rigid pipe work and if it settled the right way it would hold forever. I've known guys to clean up and use old spark plugs in snaggy areas rahter than loose the lead. Just my $.02.
  8. That was a beautifull scene the other day. The kind you dream about and rarely see but hope to see when underway! Good luck.
  9. Man, I'm thinking about towing the mako with me to work up here in lanham! I was crossing the bridge (eastbound) on the way home yesterday and saw a flock of bidrs swirling and dive bombing a school of fish just south of the bridge on the east side of the channel. Thought i was going to wreck the car! GET OUT THERE YOU UPPER BAY GUYS AND PUT SOME TIME IN IT LOOKS GOOD!
  10. Good point about the weed cutting on the braid Steve. I'll keep that in mind when I go to it on my surf rigs for those "weed tides" down on AI! Like you i am using up what I have on the bench.
  11. I use power - pro on all my boat reels with a topshot of yo -zuri HD pink. Spinners #30-#50 power pro and 10'- to full spool of the pink # 15-#30(about 30 yrds) depending on the type of fishing and speices. Larger # topshot on my conventional/trolling stuff. I am very pleased with the results from this combo.I have not put any braid on my surf gear yet and before I do I think I'll invest in a "Thumbdinger"! One thing you have to remember about the braid is it is hard to break and just as hard to cut. Get and carry some good scissors for good clean cuts.
  12. Charter more inshore/nearshore trips, catch something on the salt-flyrod and fish in all the inshore tourneys (fun and affordable)with a couple of local guys I hope to find from this site.(more on that later) and be a worthwhile content contributor here!
  13. Well Badred, having worked in and grown up around the Md. Oyster/seafood industry I can somewhat see your point except you are from Va. Last time I checked Dec. 2008 Chincoteaque Va. the wild grown open water oyster framing was doing pretty well and the commercial wild caught was not totally busted either. However, Va. still has private bottom leases for growing and harvesting. The water quality is not uniform up and down the Ches. even in the Md. portion you can tell where they come from. Having swung hand tongs, run a "patent tong" boat and worked with a diver I have seen "millions" wasted wasting the water quality with shore side developement and lax regs or no enforcement of industrial/municial dicharges and yes, farm run off while trying to make the bills. The Ches. Bay foundation has determined that through all the years after hurricane Agnes (you remember agnes don't you? 1982) things have gotten worse for the bay despite the DNR efforts. Any, and I mean ANY mention or movement by the State is welcome! At least some people acknowledge that things are still broken! As for your home state my experience with VRMC has been a good one and would like Md. DNR to be more like them! Maybe you are late to the water quality party for the Bay and maybe not, but it's not to late to join!