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  1. Thur. picked up a few blues, then the skate found me again just can't hid from them!!! Fri. Sat. more of the same with a few spiny dogs thrown in. Congrat.s on the Rock, Dave. I'll give it a try again next wk.
  2. Way to go glad you guys are still getting them. Wish I could have stayed a couple more days. Will try to get back down this wed. or thur. hope the rock soon make an appearance ! Sam tell your son Congrats
  3. Outstanding 3 days of fishing A.I. 16 puppy drum,13 black drum,1 flounder short,1 stingray and a tailor blueftsh.No Reds had a hard time holding with 10oz. out far. Most caught 2 hr.s before and after tide changes.Can't wait for the Rock to show!!!
  4. Hope you all left a few around !! Going to give it a try on A.I. Mon. to Fri. Will post if any Luck.I drive a silver Tundra stop by and say Hi.
  5. Just got an e-mail A.I. beach is OPEN to Va. line
  6. Thanks for comming back !!! Can't wait to talk to you all again.Always had a good time when you where Bucks
  7. Sun. evening just got home from 3 days on A.I., Fri. was best day 2 of the biggest rays i've ever hooked,had to cut hook off in the wash didn't want to try to pull them further up on the sand with the 50lb. shock leader. Sat. and Sun. west wind = flies. all in all a good time!!!
  8. Bucks on the way to A.I. had real nice Bunker over the wknd. was trying to get fresh in everyday.Good Luck hope the Skate don't drive you crazy.
  9. Fished A.I. Mon.& Tue the 26th and 27th water looked good had decent bunker 1 spiny dog no other pull downs got chased off Tue. afternoon by rain and heavy wind.Guess i'll hang up the rods till spring.All in all had a pretty good year no Red Drum but pretty good on Rock. Had a ball with the Sharks this summer.Good Luck to anyone still chasing them!!! See you on the beach in the Spring!!!! Bill
  10. Great Fish!!!! Way to go!
  11. I sure hope some-one picks up on the slack of fresh bunker i was down last wknd. heard no-one around A.I. had fresh so I came the long way down and stopped at Old Inlet Bait and Tackle because they had sign Fresh Bunker Paid 3$ a pound for 7 lb. only to get out on A.I. and find out it was mush!!!!!!!! i'll never buy bait there again period!!!!! If I can't pick out my bait i'll not buy it. Sure miss Harbor Tackle they would tell you when they received the shipment and you could inspect the bait!! I hate to say it but if this keeps up I might have to fish N.J. after 25 years of enjoying A. I. Sorry about the rant but i'm fed-up!
  12. Dad

    So sorry to hear of your loss, our thoughts and prayers for you and your family
  13. I've had my best luck on a red or orange mullet rig and either a red or orange and yellow two ball rig with bunker or mullet chunks. Seems like everytime i use green nothing but smooth-dogs but they are tasty!!! Good Luck this wknd. hope you get into them. Bill
  14. What i do is remove the hook and sinker than wrap the rig it self around 2 or 3 fingers put a twisty-ty around it and put it in the plastic container that electrical tape comes in with a carboard spacer in between every two or three then write on top with magic marker if it is a one or two drop rig and lenth. a couple of these in bottom of bucket or tackle box will hold all you need.Hope this helps it works for me!
  15. Congradulations