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  1. excellent story charkbait. Now I can't wait even more for september to hopefully hear the beat of the drum !
  2. I gave it a try two weeks ago at night. Only because I had too much bait to bring home 50 lbs. is alot. My buddie brought a grinder from home and we went to it. It just seemed like alot of work for no return. I was hoping to draw in some big toothys well into casting range ; we had a good out suck going but nothing doing. I may give it another go this weekend just to make sure I gave it a fair shake then thats it.
  3. What do you think about chumming the surf? Is this technique worth while or no? I tried it two weeks ago but did'nt see its effectiveness.
  4. Thanks Randy.
  5. If this offer is available new members I would like to put one to the test.
  6. Just got one my self and took it out casting yesterday. This thing casts like a dream. Just put in lots of field or sand practice and distance will come. I found that I dont even need to thumb it until it is touching down.
  7. Hello all. I am posting my first time but have been reading up for awhile now as a visitor. Thought it was time to join. I look forward to contributing , and learning from this wonderful site.Oh yeah and sharking! I mainly fish assateague maryland side OSV though I started out on the virginia side with my grandfather as a small child. Ever since then I couldnt get enough of this wonderful island.