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  1. The wind is suppose to switch back to the ne early next week have faith they will be back! I need to catch me a nice one before I switch to my hunting hat which is right around the corner, Im getting the fever already.............geo
  2. Dixie, thanks for the report. How was the weed/current? I might try tommorow morn if it wasnt too bad for you. I think your the second report I read about someone catching a spanish on a flea..geo
  3. Dixie, Weve probably been on the beach together and didnt even known it im sure a few times. Have you fished the south end any this year?? I havent myself but thinking about checking that out, think the fishing is better down there. I read somewhere you said youre thinking about taking the kayak plunge, Im thinking about getting one next year myself, never fished out of one but have yaked baits quite a few times, it is petty cool in a yak way out there. Im going to vermont next weekend on detatchment im hoping to get into some yearlings on damneck when i get back..well hook up one of these days....tight lines geo
  4. Dixie, I hit damneck last night around 730pm and there was bluefish everywhere and big spanish jumping all over the place. Thru my "homemade" stingsilver out there and hooked small blues almost every cast, managed a 20in spanish early on, I just couldnt keep the bluefish off my lure no matter how fast I retrieved with my C4. They were stacked up right in the wash hitting my feet and everything, Im sure there would have been some sharks around but I didnt bring my big stuff. Probably caught 40 bluefish in 2 hours. Pretty good time....tight lines......geo
  5. RACN, I wish I had your problems. Damn 1941? What psi are you running on your Rascal Scooter tires when your fishing the beach?? geo
  6. RACN, Cool beans, Ive been fishing there since 88' and I live in Ocean Lakes now. Those woods to the left of the lake I hunt every year area 24, lots of deer in there, theres a nice 8 point that I spotted last year in there and I seen him in velvet this year he should be nice, hopefully Ill be able to sling a 100g muzzy at him, lots of deer on damneck just got to tip toe thru the snakes early in the season.............geo
  7. RACN Sorry Dixie jumping on your thread, I know you(RACN) fish for cats often and I do as well once in awhile, I have found cut bluefish works best for me out of that lake, and the channels are always 6 pounds and up, and thats from the beach by the little pier, just thought Id pass that along....geo
  8. Great report Dixie, went today behind carter hall, few roundhead and windy, you seen a cobia, pretty awesome, were you at the sandbridge line??? geo
  9. Hey all been awhile for me, anyone been fishing damneck lately??? Thought about going tonight...tight lines.geo
  10. To all my fellow fisherman, havent fished for awhile because I was on detatchment in Fallon NV working on my golf game, well I had one more shot at chief and I picked it up so its initiation time for me so aint gonna get much fishing in but i'm sending out an invitation to you all to nas oceana base and get your truck or cars washed by all the chief selectees and yours truly. You dont need a sticker and we just take donations little or big. just make a left at the nex and youll see us in all our glory.....tight lines.........geo
  11. Good report Dixie, man that water looks good. Im stuck out here in Fallon, NV and as soon as I get here you guys get lite east winds and clear water . Throw any metal for blues/spanish?? Gonna be hitting damneck when I get back for sure...tight lines.......geo
  12. Hit damneck beach around 520 this am, low tide was around 840, wind ne 15 water choppy and murky. Caught numerous blues 1 to 2 pounders fairly close on cut spot, nothing on the big poles. Managed two pups barely slot size but fat and released which was a nice suprise. Left around 0830. tight lines..........geo
  13. Hit damneck this am 21 july, n/e 15/20 water churned up, barely fishable, looked liked the point , just one buefish on a spot head, got called in to work for some bs left at 7am. Gonna be in Nevada for 2 wks so the fish will be safe for awhile ha ha. geo
  14. Got off work at 3am decided to hit damneck at sunrise despite the weeks worth of sw wind. Hit the south end around 520 no wind to speak of 1 mph east if anything, tide real low and still going out didnt excpect much. Threw out a spot head on the slosh and rigged up the Blue Yonder with fishbites. The sun slowly started coming up and the slosh drag went off caught a small sandbar around 3 ft, took a quick pic and released. Sent out a bluefish head and then put a stingsilver on and started catching bluefish close in, cool. The slosh went off again,picked up the rod definately a shark probaby smaller spit the hook. Menhaden cruising thru, rigged up a quick snag rig, got about 5. Getting ready to go and bringing in the slosh something big on the other end, felt like 10 cinder blocks , managed to get within 50 feet to the beach and the hook came out luckily, most likely a southern sting ray I would estimate 100 pd, fought it (dragged it) for 40 minutes. Left at 0930. Hit the beach in the afternoon, wind n/e 15 water nice but low tide, way better conditions than this morning, 1 bluefish on a stingsilver for my efforts. Crabs real bad, the water had to be close to 80 deg. Gonna hit it in am. Left at 930 pm..............tight lines geo