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  1. How would this reel fit on pole since both items are in or near virginia beach? "posted by CRETE FS: NEW Abu 6500c3 <ACRONYM title=Connecticut>CT</ACRONYM> BLUE YONDER"<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  2. Steve; Lisa I and the boys had a blast. The boys would have loved to see the B -Ray. Look forward to seeing on the beach soon. So did you win the bet and use all the wood up? Good luck with the boat. Call if you need anything. esp. cigars or beer run.
  3. Well looks good, like I said leave wife and kids on shore to shop and site see and we can go fishing!
  4. Let me know when you are thinking about going week day or week end. I may be up for finding a bed and breakfast since its about 3 hour drive. Wifey can site see with kids. Items needed 1/2 fuel / food/ beer/ cigars/ n bait?
  5. Steve, I will try to do any day. My only glitches is football and cheerleading starts August 1st 6 days a week.but I will work around that . I am up for any excuse for fishing, eating, cigars, n....
  6. Thinking about taking at least two of my boys for the weekend tent camping at A.I. Can you tent camp in the bull pen? For those of you who have tent / reconmendations?
  7. I was also ther Tuesday 16 from 4:00 p.m. till appx 7:00p.m. I was skunked rough and choppy. My boys had a blast skim boarding oldest TRIED to catch a few waves but to choppy to really surf. Puppy chasing waves is always a blast. Oh well, I will use the bunker hopefully on Saturday.
  8. *** Edited because of code conflict
  9. Hey Steve if I can get a vacation day I will try to stop by Still have the Big blue truck with cap? What time are you getting down? Hopefully Bucks will have fresh bait. After a losy weather Sunday I need a redo and catch fish.
  10. Me and my gang were going to be there BUT we have been double booked. Friday is an 8:00 baseball game and Saturday is wifeys work function at the races. George if I did not have those plans you and Pattie could have rode with us. Or for that matter call me anytime if you want to hit AI I am available most nights and week ends. Baseball and softball should be winding sooooo.
  11. I was unable to make it, did they have it or reschedule it?
  12. Thank You I will try and contact Skeets Wend.
  13. Does anyone have more info on the beach clean-up this week-end? Do you have to be an AMSA member? I have sign ups in the a.m. start @ 8:00 but would like to help out.