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  1. beautiful fish coop..!! good fishing for me today...29 and 33...the "bite" lasted about 5min, I was measuring the first fish and my other rod went down......whoa! lotsa crabs and the big doggies took over at dark...
  2. a croaker "croaks" will know right away that it is a hardhead aka croaker when you hear it...
  3. real good sharkin last coupla weeks...caught Sandduskies, Spinners, Blacktips and one really big Sandtiger.....99" what a load!
  4. You are going to have to let the Ocean do most of the work getting that 7'er onto the sand. Keep pressure on the shark when a wave is pushing it in....eventually it will ride in on a big wave and be beached when the wave goes out.Grab it by the tail and pull it up a little bit, away from the surf.Check out the pic of Critter Gitter.Once you get the hook out,(gotta have pliars with you). pull the Shark back into the surf by the tail with your arms extended, swing it around and give it shove...this is how I do it, not the only way I am sure. A 7' Sandtiger is a very good possibility this weekend! Good luck!
  5. Thanks Steve. That is great info...a little different than what I thought. I went Sharkin Mon Tues Wed afternoon/night Spinners crashed the beach Mon at dusk, what a blast, saw them freejumping all afternoon, an amazing sight.. Don't let one of those guys land in your yak haha... Tues was dead for me...nothin...water seemed cold.??.. Last nite back to normal....Sandtiger and a nice Dusky/Sandbar also had an unstoppable on my KF rig wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpow Croakers, Kingfish, Spot, flounder in the surf but not in real big numbers,.. for me anyway.Have been able to catch enough for bait but no fishfry... Great sharkin right now fellas:happy8:
  6. would you be interested in a 20 sha.. trade + ?
  7. I am looking to get a big ol woodstove into my house and hooked up before this fall... I have all kinda good fishin stuff to trade or I will pay a reasonable price. I have a truck and can figure out how to move a big heavy stove...
  8. Yeah...I,ve been out some, but not as much as Striper fishin season. I'm sure I'll see you soon, I am getting ready to put the hammer down on some big sharks.. All this yak talk has me thinking about expanding my horizions...are you guys fishin in sit on tops in the bay?
  9. Boaters World, West Marine etc sell navigation lights that run on batteries and can be fixed to a boat deck with strong suction cups that are part of the light. I used them on a 16' runabout for a couple years, they worked problems. I think that they were about 20 bucks or less.They were much more dependable and trouble proof than the origional lights on the boat. Probably one white "all around" 360 degree light on the stern of a yak would serve as both a running light and an anchor light...that might be all that you would need.....I would also a want a red and green directional light for the bow myself..check Coast Guard regs,,, Hey...the potential for yak fishin has me wishin that I wasn't such an old geezer. Matt's sense of adventure is awesome.Kayak fishing in the Gulfstream....whoa! Sam yakking a bait out past the second bar at <ACRONYM title="Assateague Island">AI</ACRONYM> is something to see...
  10. Thanks for putting that up Matt. Strong words by Rob...I wonder what he has to say about the phony "vandalism" at Ocracoke? Harassment by NPS and criminal activity by the birders at OBX has reached the point where it has become nearly intolerable.
  11. Hey coop...hope you are getting healed up from your surgery. I am going soon...I kinda have a feeling that some Stripers will show up last week of March. Good luck to everyone that tries for the first AI bigun of the year!
  12. Tourney was great. Matt (pierman) was a super nice host to me and Sam...Matt put us up at his place in Nags Head....and managed to find us some fresh local Fatback to fish with. Many thanks, Matt! Sam fished his butt off....the conditions on the beach Fri and Fri nite were HARSH TO SAY THE LEAST...Sam stayed out all nite fishing in near impossible conditions.Whoa! I got lucky rolling a 12 oz sinker down the beach Fri.....same thing everyone else was doing.Catching a fish was like winning the lottery this year. The Striper Showdown is awesome....1st rate all the way.Those OBX guys have really got it goin on! Can't wait till next year...